TEEN TOP Lights Up the Seoul Night With Their Newest Release

TEEN TOP Lights Up the Seoul Night With Their Newest Release

For the first time since their studio album High Five in April of last year, TEEN TOP is back with their EP Seoul Night, performing as five on stage. Brother group to upcoming boy groups 100% and UP10TION under TOP Media, TEEN TOP are finally able to share the spotlight as fans desperately awaited their return. About to hit their eighth anniversary, TEEN TOP brings an EP composed of six brand new tracks. With the title track of the same name, Seoul Night is sure to liven up anyone’s summer evening, whether at a party or turning up downtown. Sticking to their primarily EDM sound, Seoul Night also brings in a new taste for TEEN TOP, along with promise of a more artistically rounded group.


The group’s absence from the K-Pop industry has been mostly due to the members’ solo activities on variety shows, musicals, and more, with the group also promoting internationally in their latest TEEN TOP 2018 Europe Tour. Though not quite as well known to newer fans, TEEN TOP are legends in the industry for their insane choreography, with special attention to their footwork. Members of the group played a larger role in the album’s creation this time around, with some lyrics penned by C.A.P and some of the arrangements done by Changjo. If it’s your first time with TEEN TOP, don’t let this group slip out of your notice; this album carries many surprising elements!

Seoul Night


“Seoul Night” starts off with a steady beat that slows down as it enters the hook. Right off the bat, the intense footwork that TEEN TOP is known for is highlighted, immediately capturing viewers with their sleek moves. The electric pair Changjo and Niel bring the song to life, exciting the listeners with their upbeat verses. In order to connect more with their fans, this comeback emerges with a relatively simple dance for the chorus, allowing fans to easily learn the dance (the simplicity is relative to past TEEN TOP dances—we’re still talking about K-Pop choreography here!). A track fit for summer, “Seoul Night” was produced by the hitmakers Brave Brothers, continuing a long-lasting collaboration with the group as they’ve produced past bangers such as “Going Crazy” and “To You.” The most intriguing part of the track is C.A.P’s interim rap, breaking down into a low beat with intense synth shutters. His rap leaves you wishing for more, as it’s extremely refreshing to hear the breakdown in the middle of the song. The title track is a bit underwhelming at first listen, compared to TEEN TOP’s past title tracks, but its catchiness will make anyone put it on repeat.

The Album


Less than a minute long, “Night!” serves as a preface towards TEEN TOP’s new concept. This song is primarily filled with electronic sounds, and while relatively calm at first, the synth builds up, causing any listener to want to get onto their feet. It’s a shame that the intro is so short, but it acts as the perfect lead into the title track.

The third song off the album is “Let’s Play,” presenting a newer side to TEEN TOP with the playful piano tune setting the mood. This is the song to play while on a night drive, leaving it to echo in one’s mind for hours afterwards. The lyrics are penned by C.A.P, so the raps are relaxed as his low drawl add to the depth of the song’s tone (TEEN TOP’s tracks are usually higher in pitch). With the loss of L.Joe, Changjo has emerged to play an intermediate role between vocalist and rapper, at times even melding the two together. Although the chorus is a bit repetitive at first, the track is brought down a register into an interesting verse, primarily sung by Niel that fits seamlessly with the rest of the song.


Following is “S.O.S,” a definitively groovy song with a heavy beat, with Changjo lending his powerful vocals at the beginning. With the addition of the drums and guitar, the song quickly becomes an upbeat tune akin to what may have been heard by CNBLUE a few years back. Again, the rap line makes things interesting, throwing out the established beat in favor for layered vocals.

By first listen, “Without You” seems like it’s the de facto “ballad” track needed to fill out an album. Although a bit mellow at the start, this song continues the electronic theme present throughout the album. The bridge of the song is primarily led by the synth with the vocals crooned through accompanying sad high notes. Other than the bridge and the electronic trills throughout, this song is a typical TEEN TOP track.


Another song that Changjo aided in arranging is “Go Away,” which immediately stands out when compared to the rest of the album. Beginning with a quiet acoustic guitar, Chango’s voice once again leads with sadness into the track. With a bittersweet dissonance brought upon by Ricky and Chunji, the song slowly builds up, erupting with Niel’s verse. The rap is simultaneously light and intense, adding a sense of speed and urgency to the track. With their breathy voices, the vocal line definitely brings across the feeling of a regretful love. This track is executed amazingly—sure to send wonderful chills down any listener’s back. As the finale of the album, it definitely serves the purpose of leaving the viewers with an intense desire to hear more. Possibly one of the most artistic songs off the album, it surely shows TEEN TOP delving into various genres and experimenting in musically unfamiliar territory.

This fantastic group has sadly been missing from the main stage, so make sure to feverishly support TEEN TOP with their latest release! Although they may be quite unfamiliar to newer fans, TEEN TOP has proven themselves countless times as seasoned veterans in the industry. With this EP showing off their latest musical advances, fans can hope to see more of them during this promotional period, with hints of solo releases emerging soon!

Seoul Night Album Score: 8/10

“Seoul Night” Title Score: 7/10

“Seoul Night” Music Video Score: 8/10

Total Score: 7.7/10

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