Cube’s Newest Girl Group Debuts with “Latata”

Cube’s Newest Girl Group Debuts with “Latata”

Welcome new girl group G(I-DLE) to the scene! The group’s debut has been anticipated since it was announced that former Produce 101 and Unpretty Rapstar contestant Jeon Soyeon would be part of their lineup. But has the whole of G(I-DLE) lived up to the hype?

This article is a collaboration with YouTuber ToppAunty! Please go check out the unboxing video for the new album on her channel! You can also find ToppAunty on Twitter and Instagram.

The Title Track, “Latata”

If you’re looking for a different sound and image, then you should definitely be paying attention to G(I-DLE). “Latata” is a double whammy in that its visuals are incredibly catchy, along with a very unique spin on the Caribbean influenced melody that involves an almost odd sounding verse completely in a minor key smack in the middle of the bridge. This change certainly catches your attention as it sounds quite strange at first, but it quickly molds into the entire sound of the song itself. The vibe is incredibly chill and summery, as no drop or huge buildup exists in the bridge to the chorus, as is popular with many title tracks today.

The visuals of the music video encompass a dark and neon theme that is somewhat reminiscent of CLC’s “Hobgoblin.” I happen to have a particular affinity for this concept direction, and it additionally fits very well with the song. All in all, “Latata” is a very strong debut track that makes use of Soyeon’s fantastic rapping skills while showcasing the vocal ability of the rest of the members. In addition, Soyeon was a producer on this track at just the age of 19!

The Debut Mini


Much to my surprise, debut mini-album I am is also very strong, with a well-rounded tracklist. Following title “Latata” is high-energy hip-hop track “달라,” which brings the fire in a way the previous track couldn’t just on the basis of its more subdued vibe. If looking for a banger on this album, “달라” is your go-to. Third track “Maze” has a more traditional dance vibe to it, with the often used buildup and beat drop in the chorus, and it definitely has the mass appeal sound for those who weren’t a big fan of “Latata.”

“Don’t Text Me” is more along the lines of “Latata,” with a calmer beat and a lower-energy vibe to it that would fit nicely with a relaxing summer day. “알고 싶어” has a more jazzy house vibe that’s reminiscent of a smooth jazz number, a refreshing change up of many recent releases. Final track “들어줘요” is the singular ballad track, rounding out the full spectrum of sounds into the six track album.

All in all, this is a very solid start for these girls new to the scene. If you’ve skipped over this release, take a second to reconsider and go check out “Latata!”

I am ALBUM SCORE: 8.7/10

“Latata” TITLE SCORE: 8.3/10

“Latata” MUSIC VIDEO SCORE: 8/10

Debut Total: 8.4/10

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