SHINee says “I Want You” with The Story of Light Pt. 2

SHINee says “I Want You” with The Story of Light Pt. 2

SHINee is back with the second installment of their The Story of Light trilogy. Fans are getting treated to five brand new songs off their latest mini-album. The Story of Light Pt. 2 is another jam-packed release filled with songs perfect for summer. Get ready as the group continues their musical journey with this latest release.

“I Want You”

“I Want You” is the most recent title track for The Story Of Light series. SHINee definitely does not disappoint with another upbeat dance track. “I Want You” is the type of song to put on when feeling stressed or simply frustrated—it seriously helps release built-up tension. There is a carefree and whimsical vibe to the track that establishes a more relaxed atmosphere. This song is also perfect for poolside parties, seeing as it’s fun and addictive—perfect for summer festivals! Fans are guaranteed to get lost in honey-sweet vocals, feeling and differentiating between the members’ unique vocal palettes. In particular, Taemin does a great job assuming the position of main vocal, hitting high notes that will send chills down your spine. Taemin also has the ability to sound similar to Jonghyun when hitting certain notes, so the latter doesn’t feel entirely absent from the group.

The music video itself is a continuation of the first video from The Story of Light Pt. 1, as a fox is once again featured while the members roam through a forest. However, those were really the only references signaling a continuation to the story, and fans are still trying to figure out what exactly the trilogy consists of. While “Good Evening” from the first release had a more pearl-aqua influence throughout the music video, “I Want You” features a more pink/red filter effect. This could be in relation to the three colors associated with the album. Nevertheless, SHINee brings another dance-driven music video filled with witty and funky special effects.

The Album

Like the first album for The Story of Light series, there is a total of five brand new tracks for fans to jam out to. The Story of Light Pt. 2 comprises their sixth album. We assume that after all three parts of the series are published, there will be a repackaged album containing all songs and maybe a couple more added to complete the release. All of the new tracks are definitely dance-worthy and fit for summer, just like those from their previous album. They each have a pop/EDM twist that makes them easy to vibe with, so you’ll likely find yourself either dancing or singing along to each of the songs.

Other tracks include:

  • “Chemistry”  

  • “Electric”

  • “Drive”

  • “Who Waits For Love”


If you’re looking for a song that will brighten your mood and make you feel confident and sassy, then “Electric” is the song for you as it has the right amount of flair that will put a spring in your step. True to its name, “Drive” is a great song to play when going out on a drive. Whether it’s taking a road trip, going out to run some errands, or even just chilling with friends, it’s the car-adventure song to put on blast. The two slower tracks off the album, “Chemistry” and “Who Waits For Love,” are great songs to sit back and relax to. While they both have an EDM-influence, as previously mentioned, there’s a nice balance of smooth and slow rhythms to groove along to.

Overall, SHINee does not disappoint with the release of this well-balanced album, as there’s a song for just about everyone. There is still one more release slated for the completion of The Story of Light, and we can’t wait to see what SHINee has in store for fans! If you haven’t had the chance to listen to the album, it’s highly recommended you do so now! Get ready to add each song onto your personal music library.

Title Track: 10/10

Music Video: 8.5/10

Album: 9.5/10

Overall Rating: 9.3/10

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