Mask Your Stress Away With These Skin Loving Gems

Mask Your Stress Away With These Skin Loving Gems

For a lot of us, the full on Korean skincare routine just doesn’t work. Whether it be time constraints, sensitive skin, or just pure laziness, hopping on that train isn’t as easy as it seems. As a strong advocate for those with extremely sensitive skin, I completely empathize. There is a silver lining within all of this, one that doesn’t require you to turn away from the goodie bag that is Korean skincare. Located at the soul of the Korean skincare routine are the golden tickets to give you the goodness of a skincare routine without requiring too much commitment to a single product or investing a lot of time. These products are of course, masks.

While Korean masks are pretty popular and known for their vast variety and benefits, it is quite hard for people to get into the idea of a mask. Smothering your face with a thin sheet of slimy, wet substance for 10 minutes is a lot to take in and embark on. Which is why, here at The Kraze, we have composed a short list of fun masks to ease you into a delightful and hopefully long-lasting masking experience.

A’Pieu Pure Milk Sheet Masks


While we have Christmas to look forward to during the winter months, it is also the season of dry skin. This means it’s time to put away the sunscreen (ha! Just kidding, never do that), and turn to amping up your skin’s moisture levels. When talking about delivering moisture goodness to your skin, it would be sacrilege to not mention this godsend. The A’Pieu Pure Milk Sheet Masks come in a series of “flavors” ranging from chocolate to banana to strawberry, each with its own very convincing scent. But don’t let the cute packaging (the pastel-toned milk cartons are just genius) fool you, the hyaluronic acid helps deeply hydrate the skin, while a variety of other differing ingredients like strawberry extract, witch hazel, and more tend to different concerns. Not only is this perfect for a summer time pamper session, it also prepares your skin for the dry season to come.

Holika Holika After Sheets


Holika Holika definitely takes masks for every occasion to a whole new level. Different activities in our lives tend to take a toll on our skin like drinking alcohol, working out, or even one we’re all familiar with: pulling an all-nighter. These concerns are exactly what the After series caters to. From a mask that relieves dull and rough skin post a night out to one that calms redness and replenishes skin moisture, you can treat your skin to powerful ingredients like honey, rosehip, green tea extract, calendula…the list is endless.

Berrisom Oops Soda Bubble Mask

If you’re like me and can’t keep your eyes closed for 15 minutes while a mask works its magic, this entertaining mask is definitely for you. Armed with an array of ingredients like Centella asiatica extract, grapefruit extract, and camellia leaf extract, the mask detoxifies your skin and deep cleans your pores while strengthening your skin barrier against flare-ups in the future. And of course the best part of it all, the bubbling of the fizzing carbonated water in the mask. Once in contact with your face, the mask starts to form bubbles, becoming a sort of armor of bubbles on your face, making for a very entertaining sight.

Belif Aqua Bomb Mask


With an endless plethora of masks existing out there, it is quite hard to create one that stands out while delivering the highest quality. A perfect example of a mask changing up the game, the Aqua Bomb Mask is packed with enriching ingredients like lady mantle, oats, shea butter, soybean extract, and more to deliver hydration and brighten your complexion. And now for the exciting bit, the assembly of the mask. With its name being a dead giveaway, the Aqua Bomb Mask is separated into dual chambers with one holding the essence while the other holds the dry mask. In order to join these two together, the pouch is folded along the dotted lines and the bottom pouch is squeezed. The satisfying pop indicates an explosion of the essence into the mask. The mask leaves the skin feeling hydrated without any sticky residue, a blessing in this summer heat, and fresh and glowy. Now who wouldn’t want that?

In today’s society where everything is about moving faster and faster, we tend to forget to actually take some time out for ourselves. Pampering yourself doesn’t mean you need to spend an hour, nor does it mean you have to invest a lot of money and effort into the whole process. It could mean taking just 10 to 15 minutes out of your day to give yourself and your skin a little breather. So every now and then, remind yourself to slap on a mask and take some time to relax and recharge before you get back to reality energized and ready to take on whatever comes your way!

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