SEVENTEEN Says You Make My Day In 5th Mini-Album

SEVENTEEN Says You Make My Day In 5th Mini-Album

SEVENTEEN is back with their summer-themed 5th mini-album titled You Make My Day. This new release features six brand new songs that are a perfect match for the summer. There is a song for everyone on this album, and fans will not be disappointed!

“어쩌나 (Oh My!)”

SEVENTEEN’s title track “어쩌나 (Oh My!)” is a chill summer track that will surely put a smile on your face. The song will definitely make you feel as if you’ve been transported into a video game thanks to the keyboard-type sounds throughout the song. This is also the type of song that will put that extra spring in your step as it’s lighthearted and fun. If you listen closely to the song, you can also hear certain parts that are similar to the intro of the instrumental for “Don’t Wanna Cry.” Nonetheless, this is a bright and cute title track that will have you putting it on repeat thanks to its addictive quality that SEVENTEEN is known to bring to the table.

Just like in the music video, the SEVENTEEN members are seen hanging out and having a giant sleepover. It’ll make you want to call up a couple of friends and have a good time as well. As the music video is summer-themed, from the different sets and outfits that the members wear, SEVENTEEN surely brings the heat in this latest release. You can’t help but smile at the chemistry and bond the SEVENTEEN members have with each other. There are several moments within the music video that are endearing and cheerful; you can just feel the friendship and positivity oozing out of the music video. “어쩌나 (Oh My!)” also features the idol boy group flawlessly executing their choreography, which comes as no surprise to fans of the group. SEVENTEEN is known for their formations and once again manages to leave you in awe, wondering how they do it.

The Album


  1. 어쩌나 (Oh My!)

  2. Holiday

  3. Come to Me

  4. What’s Good

  5. Moonwalker

  6. Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day

As this album is centered around summer (after all it is a summer release), SEVENTEEN made sure they really got people up and partying or having fun in general. The songs off this album are of different tempos but they still manage to be upbeat and bright throughout. This particular album falls into the trendy pop/EDM-influence category that we have seen happening throughout the K-Pop scene within recent years..

Fans are also once again treated to unit-specific songs as well within the album. For new fans, SEVENTEEN has different units that come together to create the whole group: the vocal unit, performance unit, and hip-hop unit. “Come to Me” is the vocal unit’s (Woozi, Joshua, Jeonghan, D.K, and Seungkwan) song off the album, which is one of the more chill and upbeat songs. It comes as no surprise that the vocal unit impresses with their soothing, rich vocals. “What’s Good” is the track that features the hip-hop unit (S.Coups, Vernon, Mingyu, and Wonwoo), which as a disco-like influence that you can groove to. The last of the unit tracks is the performance unit (Dino, The8, Hoshi, and Jun) with “Moonwalker.” This particular track is addictive and is one to put on blast when you’re getting ready to head out for the day/night.

All in all, SEVENTEEN has released a solid album that is perfect for summer. It’s definitely worth the listen and highly recommended to listen if you haven’t already! Congratulations to SEVENTEEN on their latest release. Fans who are attending KCON LA 2018 can look forward to seeing the group perform this coming August!

Music Video: 9/10

Title Track 9/10

Album: 9.5/10

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

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