Chungha is Blooming Blue This Summer

Chungha is Blooming Blue This Summer

Despite the numerous comebacks rushing into our faces this summer, Chungha has made a striking impression with her third mini-album Blooming Blue. Climbing up on domestic music charts immediately after her release, the female soloist truly proved her rising success.

“Love U”

The title track of Blooming Blue, “Love U,” consists of a well-defined set of sounds, matching the summer season perfectly. With a refreshing tropical sound supporting the artist’s sweet vocals, the singer enchants listeners, trapping them into the catchy rhythm. In addition to the relaxing atmosphere created by the track, the underlying chorus further enhances the soft feeling Chungha’s voice gives off and weaves into the exciting beat.


The music video represents summer at its finest. A lively mood set by the scenery—ranging from a night sky to a day in the blazing sun and a beautiful sunset—highlights the typical moments of the season. Transitioning from the bright outdoor view into a cool blue-colored room and the pool, the contrast brings waves of cheerful energy, encouraging a smile of joy to the viewer. All of these elements build up to display the shift in mood from exhausting hot weather into a relaxing environment (something we definitely need).

Not to forget, Chungha’s beauty simply can’t go unmentioned. Regardless of her outfits, the singer manages to top it off flawlessly; her stunning appearance never fails to surprise fans. Plus, a known skilled dancer since the Produce 101 Season 1 days, the artist’s new choreography includes some cute key dance moves (like making a heart!). As expected from her talented dancing, the singer has initiated a massive wave of dance covers with her previous titles. Let’s be on the lookout for Chungha’s next dance cover syndrome with this new release!

Third Mini-Album: Blooming Blue

“BB” starts the album off with a dreamlike aura. The singer’s mellow voice gradually blends in with the modern instrumental sound; the repetition of the sound effects brings the song alive as the simplicity of the beats is emphasized.

“Cherry Kisses” talks about the emotions of a lover missing the presence of her significant other and expressing the feeling of being in love. A song with an electronic sound base, Chungha shows off her growing potential as a vocalist especially with this track. A variety of musical techniques and a wide vocal range imbedded in the song, the artist’s smooth tone dominates the listeners’ ears, leaving a smile hanging on their faces throughout the whole three minutes.


“Drive” takes a sharp turn from “Cherry Kisses” and changes the mood in an instant. A song about the acknowledgement of approaching the end of a relationship, Chungha sings with a bittersweet emotion to display the feelings of an inevitable breakup. This track is filled with guitar sounds from start to finish; the unique sound carries on a soft rock vibe and presents a different side of the singer in terms of her music.

The last track, “From Now On,” represents the soft feelings of one towards one’s lover. The lyrics “So now on I wanna show you / From now on how much I love you / I will make you smile everyday” indicate the simple desire of wishing to express her love. A stark contrast from the previous track that mentions the separation in a relationship, this song is composed by 15&’s Baek Yerin. The singer-songwriter’s musical identity is clearly reflected as her heart-touching lyrics and subtle melody naturally entrance the listener; the addition of Chungha’s delicate voice further exhibits the sweet emotions of love, tugging fans’ heartstrings.

Chungha’s new mini-album Blooming Blue continued her streak of successive releases since her debut. Illustrating the ideal mood of summer, the soloist demonstrated her musicality as a vocal and dancer. The singer brought a refreshing song to replace the exhaustion in the air, washing up the K-Pop industry with a blue wave. The absolutely perfect match to get you hyped and start enjoying your summer, be sure to take a quick listen to the album if you haven’t yet—better late than never (Chungha will definitely “Love U” if you do!).

Blooming Blue Album Score: 9.5/10

“Love U” Title Score: 9/10

“Love U” Music Video Score: 9/10

Total Score: 9.2/10

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