Weekly Charts: June  19 - June 26

Weekly Charts: June 19 - June 26

This week’s summer charts are heating up with new releases that pump up the party as well as songs that cool us down and get us right in our feelings. Check out the kick off of July with the return of Apink’s new concept, MOMOLAND’s international party, DAY6’s meaningful message, and rainy day songs to set the mood and cool down the heat.


Apink kicks off the first week of July with the release of “I’m So Sick,” off of their seventh EP ONE & SIX. Their first comeback of 2018 strays from their usual lovely, pink image and switches into a more rosy, charismatic charm in their new track produced from Black Eyed Pilseung that currently sits at the 16th spot on Instiz’s Weekly iChart. Amidst house beats and catchy auto-tune background vocals, the six ladies share a dramatic story of their waning feelings for their lover in their lyrics. In contrast to summer romance songs, Apink voices out for all the aching hearts this season who can dance the pain away with this dance track.


Both MOMOLAND and DAY6 released their newest tracks on June 26 and shot us in the heart with both love and pain. The nine girls of MOMOLAND spread energetic culture around the world with “Baam,” a song that fuses the same lively dance music and ear-grabbing choreography from “Bboom Bboom” with more fun elements like hip-swerving and shuffling in light-up sneakers. With finger guns galore in the choreography, these ladies delivered a fatal shot with their charms and also shot straight to the number five spot on Bugs! weekly music chart.

From cute finger guns to lethal bullets, DAY6 demonstrates how words can be as painful as gunshots to the heart—especially from a loved one. “Shoot Me” showcases the band’s punk rock sound and creates a powerful message about enduring scorn for the sake of a relationship with the onomatopoeic “Bang Bang” representing verbal abuse as bullets and the chanting of “Just shoot me” as a symbol of self-sacrifice for the relationship. The latest release wraps up the Top 20 of Bugs! Weekly music chart and adds a diverse sound with a sentimental message to the summer mix.


July also starts off South Korea’s monsoon season with hot and humid weather dominating the summer months. Along with frequent showers, listeners also enjoy rainy day songs to set the mood and cool down from the summer heat. MAMAMOO’s recent release, “Rainy Season”—an ambient R&B song that compares the overwhelming emotions over a break-up to a heavy downpour— serves a perfect example as it sits at second place on Instiz’s weekly iChart.. Additionally, “Sudden Shower,” an early March release by HIGHLIGHT’s Yong Junhyung featuring 10cm, continues to rank in the Top 20 MelOn and Genie weekly charts with lyrics portraying an ephemeral romance that comes and goes like a quick rain shower and leaves behind blossoming feelings. In addition to streaming hot tracks that heat up the charts, songs also trend in accordance with the changing weather and ambience of the summer season so we’ll probably see more weather-related hits in the upcoming months.

B-Sides: KCON NY 2018 Day 2

B-Sides: KCON NY 2018 Day 2

Apink Returns With New Concept in “I’m So Sick”

Apink Returns With New Concept in “I’m So Sick”