Shake Up Your Summer With DIA’s “WooWoo”

Shake Up Your Summer With DIA’s “WooWoo”

DIA is back with their fourth mini-album Summer Ade! Despite the team’s reorganization into an eight-member group with former member Eunjin’s departure, DIA made their long-awaited return after 10 months. With their latest release, the eight girls are more than ready to brighten up your day in an instant.


A funky tropical sound maintained throughout the song, the title track “우우 (WooWoo)” expresses heart-fluttering emotions. The catchy melody blends with an upbeat rhythm, adding onto the cheerful mood. DIA’s charming vocals portray the uncontrollable reaction of a girl in love; every individual voice stands out even more with the track’s subtle analogous vibe. Also, the repetition of distinct sound effects highlights the climax part and allow smooth transitions throughout the song.


The music video clearly illustrates a summery atmosphere. The setting alternates between a beach and a tropical background, bringing viewers into the scene and conveying a refreshing sense that relieves them from the hot weather. A nice combination of the members’ outfit colors (red and white/pink and blue) further enlivens the overall video along with the wide variety of colors implemented in multiple scenes. Let’s not forget the adorable event DIA prepared for their fans! You can check this out at the very beginning of the music video; don’t let such an opportunity pass!

Fourth Mini-Album: Summer Ade

Accompanying the title song “WooWoo,” seven other tracks are included in Summer Ade.

“조아? 조아! (Like? Like!)” begins with a bubbly EDM sound, instantly getting listeners into an uplifted mood. Singing “ONE first my confession / TWO let’s go together / THREE on our third date,” DIA cutely confesses their true feeling in hopes of starting a lovely relationship. This intro definitely has an appealing melody!

With a swift mood change, “어른 (Adult)” talks about the reality an adult faces. The track, definitely slower than the previous, implements a mellow series of instrumentals to maintain a rhythm and melody while allowing the listeners to focus on the voices delivering the lyrics. The song conveys the hidden fear of taking on responsibilities as an independent person. DIA sings to comfort those who are going through this and yearns for their old days before experiencing adulthood.


“Pick up the phone” incorporates a retro-like vibe in the synth-based track. Unlike their shy persona in other songs, the girls take a step in revealing their true feelings towards the other in a “some” relationship. Who can say no to the group’s sweet request to “Pick up the phone”?

This track, “데리러 와 (TAKE ME),” is a warm, mellow song that reflects DIA’s cute thoughts when thinking of their significant other. “데리러 와 (TAKE ME)” being Jooeun’s first self-composed song makes it hold an even bigger significance to fans. The melodious harmony of the piano and the acoustic create a nice, relaxing atmosphere—the perfect song to listen to before you sleep.

“Sweet Dream” is Yebin’s third self-composed song. It represents the hidden emotions DIA wishes to communicate to their lovers at least through their dreams; this track evokes a soft feeling that one would carry on their journey to a dreamland.

Huihyeon’s self-composed song “Blue Day” carries a melancholy concept. Portraying solitude using the color blue, this track serves as a new style of music in DIA’s history. A future bass track, “Blue Day” stresses the loneliness tainting life, turning aspects of life into meaningless things.

The instrumental version of “우우 (WooWoo)” brings the album to an end. From claps to drums, the various elements are more clearly heard through this track; this song is even catchy at its basic musical state!

With this, Summer Ade made its way into the summer season. With multiple seasonal tracks out to attract listeners, the group made their mark with “우우 (WooWoo).” Along with this great addition to our summer playlist, let’s support DIA’s continuous improvement!


“우우 (WooWoo)” TITLE SCORE: 9/10

“우우 (WooWoo)” MUSIC VIDEO SCORE: 8/10

Total: 8.67/10

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