Chatting with 2minjinkjongkey

Chatting with 2minjinkjongkey

The faces behind 2minjinkjongkey, Cortney and Jasmine, have been in the weeds of the Hallyu Wave for a long time and also have one of the most well-known reaction channels among K-Pop fans. At KCON NY, they took time to chat with us after their panel.

Q: So I just had the pleasure of sitting through your Best Bias panel. What was your guys’ idea to start that panel?

A: KCON has done it before [and] we are always a part of it. We usually do the aegyo battle and they actually stopped doing it last year, since they did it every year since 2014, we asked if we can bring it back and they said okay but only if you guys do it.

Q: We know you guys are big YouTubers and big SHINee fans. If you had to pick your number one favorite SHINee song what would it be?

A: My all time favorite is “Juliette.”

A: It always changes but I would have to say it was “Ayo.”

Q: With SHINee’s 10th Anniversary and the three new releases, what are your thoughts on them?

A: I think it's amazing, We did the album review before we came here and we just talked about after 10 years, when you look back at their discography, that they are still putting out such fresh new great music for new fans [and] for old fans. I don’t think that they can release anything bad, and I know that sounds really biased but I genuinely think that the way they have grown and evolved as a group like even now that…we have lost a member, I [still] feel like that there is just no stopping them, they have been going for 10 years and they are showing it. They stay relevant and yet they stay relatable to fans that they have had for years. So if you just started listening to them or that you been listening to them it's still, you know, familiar. And you still love it.

Q. So you have been in the YouTube community for a while, do you think you have played a role in growth of K-Pop reactions or the love of K-Pop in its coming to the US?

A: I would hope we have in a way. People have told us that they have started channels after watching ours and felt inspired by what we’ve done, so I hope that we have helped in some ways to spread the love of K-Pop and help create new fans.

Q: We’ve talked to a lot of K-Pop fans and they have noticed a lot of social media backlash with fans of color. What are your guys advice for fans who are feeling “out of the circle?”

A: It’s hard because I feel like everything used to make us upset and we would make a rant video about every single little thing, and not that that has changed but it's hard to nitpick at every single thing. But I feel like if your true to yourself and stick the groups you like, it can turn a lot of people off and I totally get that and that has made me feel some kind of way too sometimes. But I just feel like if you don’t want to listen to the music, don’t, but being a fan of color and being an international fan in the United States you find more people like you here. Look at the people who come to KCON, you’ll find more people who look like you [and] are like you. If you have no friends at home coming to things like KCON it really helps you feel more connected to it.

Q: Being at KCON, what’s your favorite fan experience you have had, whether it’s meeting your fans or being a fan yourself?

A: Last night, not even at basketball games do you end up on the big screen, so when they were doing the half-and-half and someone from the audiences ended up on the screen...with Super Junior, we ended up on the screen twice. That was probably my best fan moment.

A: When we [us and the other YouTubers] all meet up again, it’s like a breath of fresh air because these things when we meet up twice a year, it’s like a big family reunion.

Q: Any last thoughts for your fans?

A: Thank you for always supporting us and still supporting us. It’s been a journey in 2018, and the end of 2017. In the end everyone keep their heads up and let’s keep moving forward and enjoying the music and loving K-Pop!

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