Shining a Light on the Older Hallyu Fans with Young Ajummah!

Shining a Light on the Older Hallyu Fans with Young Ajummah!

Out here to prove that the Hallyu Wave includes all sorts of diverse groups, Young Ajummah (Sara) works to bring attention to the fact that older fans can still exist and thrive in the K-Pop fandom. As a freelance writer, she has contributed in the past to Dramafever, Aewen Radio and our partner MACG Productions! During KCON NY we spoke with her about her introduction into the Hallyu Wave and more.

Q: For our readers who are getting the chance to know you for the first time, can you please give a little introduction about yourself?

Sara: Yeah! I go by Young Ajummah and I’m a 30+ year old, avid K-Pop, K-Drama fan. I also do some writing work and have a podcast that does Korean Hip-Hop and R&B. Kind of all over the place.

Q: What made you get into K-Pop and K-Drama and what were the first things that you either listened to or watched?

A: So in college, someone suggested that I watch Boys Over Flowers for about two weeks and I finally succumbed to it and it was amazing. I just fell down the rabbit hole after that. Following the actors from the drama made me realize that they are singers as well, so I looked up their music. The very first group that I fell in love with is SS501 followed closely by BIGBANG.

Q: What kinds of K-Drama are you into? Do you have any recommendations for readers to watch?

A: Yes! Thank you so much for this question! So majority of people like romantic comedies, romance and historical dramas, but I don’t like those. I need action. I need horror and I need mysteries. So if you’re into those types of dramas, definitely check out HON, an older supernatural drama but it’s really scary, with lots of jump scares. More recently, Sketch is currently airing and I’m reviewing that for Dramafever and it’s an amazing show. There is no romance, at least as of right now but it has a lot of [good] supernatural elements as well as mystery. If you like those types of dramas, definitely check those out!

Q: At KCON, you are one of the panelists for the K-Pop fans over 30, how does it feel when you see older fans coming to the panel and sharing their own experiences?

A: For this year, we decided to change the name to Hallyu fans over 30 because we wanted to be sure that we were inclusive with everyone. We do realize that there are some people out there who aren’t into K-Pop as much as they are to K-Dramas or just maybe learning the Korean language. We’re really excited and we wanted to be sure to let people know that it’s okay. Once you reach a certain age, you can still love everything that you love right now. K-Pop doesn’t have an age-limit.

Q: You also have your own e-book out, Parents Guide To K-pop, how does it feel to see other parents getting into K-Pop and even seeing them here at KCON?

A: I’m super excited! This year they have an actual parent lounge that’s out there and I feel so proud! A few years ago when I pitched an idea to have something for parents to either get to know what K-Pop is or to have something for them to be while their children go off to do whatever. At first they were like “maybe not” but fast-forward to now and it’s amazing!

Q: As a parent yourself, do you sprinkle the love of K-Pop onto them and are they into K-Pop? Has K-Pop become a thing to bond over as a family?

A: Yes, I can say that! What’s amazing is that I have two children and my oldest one could care less about K-Pop. He’s like “mom, that’s cool. That’s your thing” whereas my little one he kind of grew up into it because he was born right around the time that I got into Hallyu culture. So he’s all for it. He’s an avid ARMY fan and quickly becoming multifandom because bringing him here [to KCON NY] he is exposed to more acts. He’s all for PENTAGON. I think it’s really cool to see that started with me is now onto him and he likes groups that I may not know and vice versa and we can talk about it.

Q: What kind of K-Drama would you like to be in and which actor or actress would you like act with?

A: I have to be in a crime mystery drama where, similar to this drama called Mrs. Cop where there was this single mom who was a detective and I would love to be in something similar. I would have Gong Yoo as maybe my partner or even my superior. That would be amazing to be in

Q: If you could collaborate with any K-Pop artist for your podcast, who would it be, what topics would you talk about and why?

A: I would say Tiger JK, who is historic in the K-Hip-Hop scene. I would love to have him on and have a collaboration because he is absolutely hysterical and super brilliant. Or of course his wife Yoonmirae. For the younger generation, I don’t know because there are so many to choose from!

Q: What are three K-Dramas that are a must-watch if you are getting into K-Dramas for the first time?

A: I feel like Boys Over Flowers, even though it’s older and full of tropes that you would just cringe to. But I feel like it was my gateway and and an acceptable K-Drama to watch. It’s not too heavy and not too light. Also Iris for action dramas because T.O.P (of BIGBANG) was in it and Goblin.

Q: Last question, are there any updates or information that you would like to tell readers to look forward to in the future?

A: Look forward to me at KCON LA this coming August. I will be out there during Hallyu Fans Over 30 panel as well as So Your Kid Is K-Pop Fan panel. Just follow me on social media because I am always active on Twitter!

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