SF9 Is Feeling Sensuous in 5th Mini-Album

SF9 Is Feeling Sensuous in 5th Mini-Album

SF9 is back on the scene with a brand new look—that’s right friends, we have finally been granted a more mature, sexy concept by this boy group. This comeback features choreography from Keone Madrid, famous among K-Pop fans for his work with BTS, among others. If you’ve been sleeping on SF9 thus far, it’s time to wake up and join in on the hype.

Title: “질렀어 Now or Never”

Not only have we never seen this concept from the group before, but the title song is a new style for them as well. Since debut, SF9 has explored many different sounds musically, and they continue to do so with “질렀어 Now or Never.” The song is a heavy EDM track, exactly the kind of thing you would expect to hear at the club after midnight, and it’s catchy. You’ve got to take a good listen after watching the music video for the first time, since you’ll be way too shook to comprehend the musicality on the first go.

Unlike most other SF9 tracks, Taeyang gets the opening verse this time around, and maknae Chani gets the moonwalk dance solo! To say the visuals of this video are out-of-this-world is an understatement, but anyone already familiar with SF9 would tell you that anyway (still, who even allowed Hwiyoung to look this good?!). The outfits bounce back and forth between black and white ensembles and brightly-colored clothing, bringing a nice visual contrast between scenes. Speaking of the coloring, the bright, neon color tone of the music video adds to the intensity of the song and, frankly, completes the painted picture.

In addition to stellar vocals, melody, and visuals, SF9’s choreography doesn’t disappoint. Innovative and eye-catching are synonymous with SF9’s group dances, and they manage to bring yet another fresh perspective complete with intricate footwork and formations that are guaranteed to leave you more than satisfied. Everything about “질렀어 Now or Never” is just fantastic, and we can’t think of any words of criticism to go along with this release.

The B-Sides


In addition to the title, the new mini-album Sensuous has four additional B-side tracks. The first, “달라 Different,” appears in stark contrast to the title, with a more traditional pop-driven sound reminiscent of the side tracks you’d hear on previous SF9 albums. Their track “Unlimited” is right smack in the middle of the album, and it’s a mixture of the two previous tracks. The song has a heavier EDM influence, but it also maintains a lighter air than the title. It’s still catchy, but not as catchy as “질렀어 Now or Never.”

“Photograph” also follows the general EDM influence of this album, but it’s a warmer, sweet love song perfect for a bright summer day. The album rounds out with “Shadow,” a dance track that pretty much mirrors previous releases. In comparison to the stellar title track, the rest of mini-album is a little underwhelming, but all around well put together.

SF9 has done an outstanding job at continuing to prove their talents through each release, and it’s about time the world stops and starts noticing.

“질렀어 Now or Never” Title score: 9.4/10

Sensuous Album score: 7.8/10

“질렀어 Now or Never” Music Video score: 9.8/10

Total score: 9/10

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