Meet Joon Lee, the Man Behind #ahJOONma!

Meet Joon Lee, the Man Behind #ahJOONma!

Joon Lee is a jack-of-all-trades content creator who hosted the KCON stage at this year’s KCON NY! Before that, Joon took some time out of his schedule to speak with us and tell us a little bit more about his work.

Q: For our readers who are getting the chance to know you for the first time, can you give a little introduction about yourself?

A: First and foremost, thank you for having me. It is a pleasure. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Joon. I go by JoonLeeComedy on social media. I am a content creator, MC, actor, comedian, I guess, the whole jazz.

Q: What is the creative process when it comes to your skits? How long does it take for you to actually write and think of a scene to get it filmed?

A: Just because I am a one man show doing all my own stuff as a content creator. Believe it or not, even like a one minute video, usually most of my videos are around 60 seconds long. Even something like that, the whole process takes anywhere from about 4-6 hours. Just cause, I write my script then I’m shooting it then edit it. Just a tiny video like that can take quite a while.

Q: Before you post any of those skits, do you run through it with friends and family first or do you just wing it all?

A: A little bit of both, sometimes I like to run it through my friends, but I think what matters most at the end of the day is how I feel about it. If I have a good gut feeling about it. I’m like my biggest critic though, so I kind of over analyze every little thing. At the end of the day, if I feel good about it then that’s more important than what others think about it.

Q: Do you consider yourself a big fan of K-Pop? Are there any groups that you are really into right now?

A: I was! I kind of fizzled out over the years. BIGBANG was my big era. That was when I was really into it. I have an older brother and he listened to like H.O.T. and all of the ‘90s and 2000s. I was like a big fan of all of like the ballads and all of that stuff. I haven’t been as in touch. But recently, like BLACKPINK. I understand the hype! Like their new song, “DDu-Du DDu-Du” and the dances. I mean, they are really dope. But I think I will forever be with G-Dragon, BIGBANG is probably my favorite.

Q: As Korean-American, how do you feel about K-Pop becoming such a huge phenomenon all around the world and seeing other people wanting to know more about Korean culture?

A: I think it is amazing! I know some Koreans or fellow Asians, there is a stigma like a culture shock. It was a culture shock of even coming here today. It’s like “Why are all of these non-Koreans so invested into our culture?” I think it is great! I think it is a move forward to see this many people here invested into that culture even if it is on the entertainment side. I think it is amazing that it is permeating into America and worldwide. Even if people don’t like it and are not a fan of it, they have to acknowledge its presence. Love it or hate it, we are here and we are taking over! K-Pop is just like a movement. I 100% approve!

Q: Are there any YouTubers, celebrities, or even K-Pop artists that you would like collaborate with and film a skit with? If so, what kind of content would you like to create?

A: I mean, the list goes on! I would love to work with so many. Growing up, I watched Nigahiga, David So. I would love to work with Key & Peele. Donald Glover is one of my biggest inspirations. Like I said, G-Dragon, if I would be able to meet him like collaborating with him would be awesome! I guess since I do more comedy, a lot of my influences are people that are comedy-driven and comedy pages. But I love to dance as well. So like, kind of, mixing comedy and dance would probably be my avenue.    

Q: So, last question, are there any updates, information, or future plans that you would like to tell readers about?

A: As of right now, this is my biggest event! I get to host like a dance cover portion and I get to dance like at the convention stage tomorrow with performers like JunCurryAhn and other people like that. So, as of right now, this is my biggest moment. I’m kind of soaking it all in right now, this is really big for me. I am always constantly creating content, waiting for what is next. I am just really excited to see where this leads me. Hopefully, this is just like a gateway to many, many open doors. So just keep an eye out here. If you want to follow me, you can and just join me on my journey.

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