The Instagram Gurus of Korean Skincare

The Instagram Gurus of Korean Skincare

When it comes to skincare gurus, a lot of us have heard of major players like Sokoglam, who were actually the pioneers of Korean skincare in the States, and Glow Recipe; however they just make for the beautiful wrapping of a present just as exciting. There are many knights in shining armor within the Korean beauty industry who work hard to discover and experiment with products for us to vicariously experience.

With our busy lives and the art of impatience that social media has helped create, we tend to be less inclined to reading long blog posts on a daily basis. For this reason, we have compiled a short list of some Instagram beauty bloggers who deliver informative content in short and sweet posts, perfect for your daily dose of skincare knowledge.

Liah Yoo (@liahyoo)

For those of us who are daunted by the idea of a 10-step skincare routine, Liah Yoo is a blessing. Preaching the idea of skincare minimalism, her philosophy revolves around the idea of trusting your skin’s natural properties and just giving it little boosts here and there to aid in this process. This philosophy is also the backbone of her newly founded skincare brand, Krave Beauty. What I absolutely love is that everything on her page, from her reviews to the products she advertises, are for the sake of her passion for skincare as opposed to obvious sponsorship. A lot of the reviews are brutally honest, while the information is always backed up by a logical and scientific explanation. If you would like to understand your skin better, this is one account I would definitely recommend you follow.



Wishtrend (@wishtrend)

If you’re an avid follower of skincare, or you’ve looked for the answers to your skin troubles on YouTube, there’s a high chance you’ve stumbled upon at least one Wishtrend video. Much like Sokoglam, they deliver nuggets of information while selling the products through their own online website. In terms of purchasing products, they do have a long way to go beginning with customer service; however, their Instagram page does deliver detailed reviews in a short and sweet format. Through their Instagram-length videos, they relay texture, benefits, skin concern targets, and more. This might not sound like a lot, but when you consider the length of the videos, it’s is quite a bit of information! With regular videos posted, you could basically call yourself a skincare connoisseur.


Beawuty (@beawuty)

With many skincare products I hear about, I always tend to look for reviews to see how the product actually fares outside of its tantalising advertising. With this page, you can skip that step altogether. Featuring a vast range of products, Beawuty (aka Alice) balances an aesthetically delightful feed of soft pastels with informative content. Not only will the pictures give you major skincare cravings, you’ll scroll past a post much the wiser. She also tends to feature many Western brands that have very similar properties, making it much easier for us to find similar alternatives and broaden our perspectives a bit more.


Skinfullofseoul (@skinfullofseoul)

If you’d like to get a bit more of an insight into the world of skincare and hear about brands that aren’t as mainstream, skinfullofseoul is definitely the profile for you. Having moved to Seoul about 3 years ago, Katharine was introduced to the wonders of Korean skincare; exploring, experimenting, and documenting every minute of it. While back in the UK now, she is still pursuing K-beauty, except now she’s looking at a new dynamic: its spread into the West. What I absolutely love about her profile is how personal her reviews are: she doesn’t claim to know more than she does, nor does she pass off assumptions for facts. Not just that, she also talks about a variety of brands both in terms of skincare and makeup, skincare procedures, etc. If you’re looking to expand your repertoire of skincare brands, this is definitely the place to be.


Skinminimalist (@skinminimalist)

If you’re wondering what a visual version of ASMR looks like, look no further. One common rule when buying skincare is to look at the ingredients, to see what works with your skin the best. However if you’re like me, seeing anything past AHA or BHA probably leaves you very confused. With a background as a scientific researcher, Marcia breaks each product down by its ingredients and their benefits. While this may sound daunting and heavy for a short post, she presents it in a way that is quite easy to understand. It also helps knowing what actually goes into your serums and what it does to your skin. She also posts comprehensive comparison lists of serums that target the same skin concern from a variety of brands, both Western and Korean, which are quite helpful in knowing what to add to your basket next.


I think one thing we need to keep in mind is that skincare doesn’t need to be hard or an aspect of your daily routine that you need to put extra thought into; it’s really about what feels right both for yourself and your skin. Going out of your way to read blogs isn’t really something I would call relaxing or effortless. So if you’re going to be on Instagram anyway, why not follow these profiles to make your scroll through all the more fruitful and your skin all the more flawless?

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