Makeup Lessons from K-Pop: Summer Edition

Makeup Lessons from K-Pop: Summer Edition

It’s the middle of summer and people all over the world are enjoying the warmth, sunshine, and joy of the season. For makeup-wearers, however, summer presents a unique challenge — as the weather heats up and humidity seems more and more severe, many of us struggle to find summer makeup looks that are both long-lasting and vibrant, capturing the spirit of the season. Here, we’ll look to some of our favorite K-Pop groups for tips on how to craft a makeup look that’ll both dazzle and hold up in extreme weather.

Lesson 1: Keep It Simple 

Seen On: TWICE, “Dance The Night Away”

In the music video for “Dance The Night Away,” the members of TWICE are seen in simple yet stunning makeup looks that focus on the basics while adding a bit of extra flair. For example, Tzuyu’s base makeup is kept neat, without any blush, bronzer, or highlight. Instead, her eyebrows are lightly filled in, she sports a slightly glossy pink lip, and her eyes are kept as the focal point of the look through the use of dark eyeliner and bronze shadow. Similarly, Chaeyoung’s makeup is mostly neutral — she’s seen in winged black eyeliner, a matte coral lipstick, and just a hint of blush across her cheeks and nose. While the eyes were the focal point of Tzuyu’s look, Chaeyoung’s look seems to emphasize color coordination with her bright orange hair, using coral tones that complement it well.  Although the two looks are slightly different, they share a common philosophy of focusing on a few key elements and letting everything else remain in the background. Additionally, a simpler makeup look is perfect for long days spent outdoors, as it won’t feel heavy or cakey as the day wears on.


Tip: To make your base makeup last all day, even in hot weather, be sure to lock it in step by step. Start with a primer before anything else, add a touch of translucent setting powder once you’re done applying your base, and top it off with setting spray before heading out the door.

Lesson 2: Go Bold At Night 

Seen On: BLACKPINK, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”

Although it may be too hot to wear a full face of makeup during the day, nighttime is the perfect time to take on a more elaborate look, adding more drama and creativity to a simple base. This can be seen in three of the most notable makeup looks from “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” featuring members Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé.


In “Ddu-du Ddu-Du,” Lisa is seen in an elevated version of an everyday look. Her base makeup is kept pretty simple, with a hint of blush and bronzer around her cheeks. However, she steps up her eye makeup by sporting bold winged eyeliner. Instead of remaining close to her lashline and not extending beyond the length of her upper eyelid, she’s seen in both an avant-garde no-fill wing and later a thick winged liner look paired with a neutral cut-crease eyeshadow. She’s also seen in pink and coral lip colors, which accentuate her lips without drawing attention away from her eyes.


Meanwhile, Jisoo is seen in a monochromatic makeup look in which she coordinates her eye makeup, lip color, and even hair and nail color to one another. By focusing on bright pink tones for her makeup, Jisoo avoids clashing with the color of her short bob wig or drawing attention away from it, instead complementing it perfectly. Her shimmery pink eyeshadow is more vibrant and eye-catching than the average neutral pink, and, paired with a subtle black wing, gives her a wide-eyed look. Her base makeup is kept simple but glowy, adding to the overall freshness of the look.

Finally, Rosé is seen in the most nighttime-ready look: a deep brown smoky eye paired with a bright, reddish-pink matte lip. Although her makeup look is pretty bold compared to the others seen in the video, it’s also carefully crafted to complement the colors already present in the rest of her look — namely, in her dress and hair color. Instead of wearing a typical smoky eye with tones of black and gray, Rosé’s eyes are defined by warm bronze tones with dark brown shadow concentrated toward the outer corners, making her blue contact lenses pop in contrast and complementing her pinkish-red hair. While she’s wearing a bit of eyeliner and mascara to further define her eyes, her eye makeup doesn’t appear too heavy or intense. Her point makeup is further accented with a hint of bronzer and contour around the perimeter of her face, drawing attention to the center. Overall, her makeup looks more dramatic than the other looks in the video, but still appears youthful and bright.

Tip: If you accidentally apply too much blush or bronzer, diffuse it by dipping a fluffy powder brush in some translucent powder and sweeping it over the area.

Lesson 3: Add Some Sparkle 

Seen On: HyunA, Luna

An easy and fun way to add extra brightness to the eye area is to add a touch of glitter, confetti, or even a sequin or two. While using a shimmery shade on the lower lashline to create a cute, innocent look is nothing new — and can even feel a bit dated — this technique elevates one’s appearance to a whole new level, adding a touch of playfulness and indulgence to any look. Executing this look doesn’t require a ton of extra effort, and the glittery eye look is a current favorite of many K-Pop idols. For example, HyunA has been seen sporting the glittery-eye look during Triple H’s promotions for “Retro Future.” Paired with oversized earrings and gold accents on her dress, her glittery-eye look perfectly complements the chic, eye-catching look.

According to one of her Instagram posts, the product she uses to achieve this look may be the Dazzleshadow Liquid by MAC Cosmetics. Several other popular brands, such as Stila, Etude House, and Urban Decay make similar products, featuring glitter suspended in a liquid base for easy, mess-free application.

Credit: hyunah_aa on Instagram

Credit: hyunah_aa on Instagram

Similarly, f(x)’s Luna has been seen executing the glittery-eye look in a slightly different way. Instead of applying glitter to the entire lower lashline, the glitter on Luna’s eyes is placed toward the middle of her lower lashline — in other words, directly below where her pupil would be if she were looking straight ahead.  This placement emphasizes the roundness of Luna’s eyes while brightening the area. Although the rest of her look is kept fairly neutral, focusing on subtle pink tones for her eyes and lips, she pairs her glittery-eye look with a generous application of pink blush, giving her complexion a lively, healthy appearance. This look gives a subtle, sophisticated vibe, making it perfect for those just starting out with glitter.


Tip: To make eyeshadow or glitter applied to the lower lash line last longer, dab a bit of eyelid primer over the area before applying any extra accents. You can even use a special glitter primer or cosmetic-safe glitter glue.

What makeup application technique are you most excited to try before summer is over? Let us know in the comments below!

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