Soaring in Style: The Importance of Airport Fashion

Soaring in Style: The Importance of Airport Fashion

It’s a known fact airport fashion is considered incredibly important in the K-Pop community. The sheer amount of passion and effort put into the profession clearly reflects just how attentive idols and stylists are to the clothes worn when not on the job. In fact, though stage outfits are undeniably vital, it is truly the outfits worn off the stage that fans pay attention to most. This is mainly because it is through these outfits that we get a glimpse of an individual’s personality.

BTS’s J-Hope

While fellow member V tends to get all the spotlight for his immense interest in fashion evident from the way he dresses, J-Hope’s quirky, daring style tends to get overlooked. It’s quite rare to find someone who can rock such a myriad of patterns and shapes, but J-Hope manages to do it with total confidence. Every part of his outfit holds a carefully curated detail, which truly makes his overall look a work of art itself. We also love a man who’s brave enough to carry a see-through bag.



Sunmi manages to blend formal with casual in a flair that can only be described as Sunmi-esque. While achieving its goal of providing comfort, a closer glance reveals details within the look aimed at keeping it sharp and sleek. Everything about the two outfits pictured gives off the same energy, though they have completely different points of detail. Paired with her confident attitude and flawless hair, her bright smile and jaw-dropping visuals make for one hell of a look. And, of course, we can’t forget the signature Sunmi red lip.


SHINee’s Key

As expected of someone interested in fashion, Key’s looks tend to be quite versatile, featuring a bit of everything. Ranging from laid-back street style to an artistic expression of tastes, he doesn’t seem to shy away from any look at all. Regardless of the kind of outfit though, Key seems to make each look his own, carrying it with that signature SHINee confidence. If there’s anyone who can bring back suspenders, it's most definitely Kim Kibum.


Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Quite unlike the dynamic between her fierce and cute stage personas, Seulgi’s airport fashion style is laid back and casual in a way that is effortlessly cool. Like her easy personality within Red Velvet, Seulgi tends to go for a very signature look, which we aren’t complaining about at all. Though very simple, all garments work towards complementing her long legs and slender figure. With minimal makeup and the ultimate poise, she truly graces the halls of the airport with her strong presence.



Much like her emotive singing, IU’s fashion tends to perfectly represent both her personality and mood of the day. While she spends most of the time dressed in comfortable oversized clothing that makes her look unbearably cute, there are also times where she comes through with a more put together appearance. A duality that is also expressed in her song “Palette,” both outfits emit a strong, signature IU quality.


BLACKPINK’s Jennie & Lisa

BLACKPINK definitely dominates when it comes to stage outfits, perfectly demonstrating a concept created around being strong, no-nonsense women in the music industry. And from their airport outfits, it's clear that we don’t just have their stylists to thank for that. Both members manage to emulate the YG aesthetic, though they choose to express it in different ways. While Lisa goes for a more luxury street aesthetic, Jennie seems to prefer a young, sleek look. Both styles require minimal effort, but they take their visuals to a whole new level.


Highlight’s Gikwang

As the main dancer of HIGHLIGHT, Gikwang always manages to have that dancer aura around him. His airport fashion seems to carry that same vibe. Having gotten the art of layering down to a T, Gikwang tends to add a lot to his outfit without ever coming off as overbearing or too much. His clothes tend to emphasize his enviable body proportions and slender neck—as expected of Asia’s most fashionable face.


While airport fashion holds a special place in every fan’s heart, it is also considered of high importance to idols, like entertainment-agencies-informing-reporters-of-their-group’s-schedules-so-they-can-take-pictures kind of important. As a gift to fans, idols put in a lot of effort to look good. Airport fashion is a unique way for fans to get an idea of what an individual’s personality is like and, of course, to get our visual fix!

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