Inside the Minds of BTS: MBTI Analysis Part Two

Inside the Minds of BTS: MBTI Analysis Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of BTS’s MBTI Analysis. If you have not read Part One, I suggest you do so here, or else most of this will just sound like gibberish.

The Intuitive Feelers (NF)

To finish off the second half of this BTS MBTI analysis, we have a giant cluster group. The rest of the members of BTS not mentioned in Part One all fall under the NF sub-group of Diplomats.


Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook, and (Probably Not) Min Yoongi


Starting with INFP (Fi dominant function, Ne secondary function), we have a whole of three members here. It’s not a surprise that these three are Introverts, and it’s also not a surprise that they prefer iNtuition over Sensing. Heck, Namjoon reads books from Murakami and Hermann Hesse for fun and it would not be a shock if Yoongi got his hands on one of those books from time to time. While I can’t see Jungkook being a heavy bookworm like RM, he is the poster-child of having a dreamy, head in the clouds look in his eyes; not only is this a characteristic of an iNtuitive (especially a Feeling one), but INFP’s are often known for their dreamy eyes. Also, “Magic Shop” is a song that encourages you to create a whole world inside your head to escape into. If that’s not iNtuitive function then I don’t know what is.

INFP’s are idealists through and through (like most NFs), they see the good in everything and strive to make the world a better place. INFPs have a strong inner world full of creativity and possibility, making them oftentimes poets and writers (or songwriters). Jungkook’s poem seen during their 56th episode of BTS Run is a great example of an effortlessly poetic INFP in action. INFP’s are known to put practical matters behind them as they get lost in their inner world and quest for good, which may make them appear a bit hermit-like at times.

Who are INFPs most compatible with? As usual, INFPs get along very well with fellow NFs the most, as it can be hard for this group (and INFJs) to relate closely to anyone outside of themselves. Their most “natural” partners are ENFJs and ESFJs, but INFPs are easy to get along with and make great friends with anyone.

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Let’s Talk About Min Yoongi


Everything seems understandable about the section above except one thing; Min Yoongi. It happens all too often that INFJs, INTJs, and ISFJs get mistyped as INFPs (it happened to my VERY ISFJ mother). I’ve been mulling over the idea of Namjoon or Yoongi being an INFJ—maybe Namjoon? INFJs are known for being wise beyond their years, and there are many other reasons why he could be an INFJ, but that’s a whole other article. Despite the possibility of him being an INFJ, he also makes a good INFP. Namjoon did rate the accuracy of his results with four stars, which is pretty high, but it is very hard to discern between an INFP and INFJ (believe me, it took me much research to finally realize I’m the latter).

On the other hand, Yoongi gave his test accuracy half a star, which is a terrible score in every regard. So what is he? At first I thought maybe he is an INFJ, perhaps an unhealthy one, but reading more into INTJs made me believe that this must be him. It would make sense when hearing about the very surprising and long heartfelt text messages he sent Jungkook and Taehyung during their 2018 Festa Dinner Party. INTJs are known to keep a lot to themselves and to not be the greatest at articulating what they feel through speech, which may make them come across as cold or reserved. But even more so, it is said that INTJs may have difficulty giving others the intimacy needed if their Fi (tertiary function) is not developed enough. This strikes me as a very Yoongi trait.

If Yoongi really is an INTJ, he would be most compatible with ENFPs and ENTPs, but he can also be a good match for other INTJs, INFJs, and INFPs.

Check out these descriptions of an INTJ and make your own judgement, but one thing is for sure. Min Yoongi is not an INFP (and he agrees).

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Kim Taehyung 


If you know anything about MBTI this is not a shock AT ALL. In fact, even more so than Hoseok being an ESFJ, nothing makes more sense in this world than Kim Taehyung being an ENFP. ENFP’s are unique little gems who light up any room they enter. It’s a common fact that ENFPs can befriend just about anyone and anything; their social skills are no joke. Unlike other dominant Extroverts though, ENFPs do not particularly care about climbing social ladders and following the norm. They can come across as a bit strange and are passionate idealists.

Despite their loud and dreamy extroverted iNtuition, ENFPs are known to be one of the most introverted of Extroverts, often needing time alone to reflect (which definitely sounds like Taehyung, who is the most quiet of the three Extroverts). ENFPs believe in living their truest selves and are often quite sensitive. They come across as very innocent and childlike (even if it isn’t true at all, because they are known to have some of the most imaginative dirty minds). They love being spontaneous and cannot be limited or tied down. These are the type of free-spirits that need the space and allowance to explore and try new things. When stressed, ENFPs are defensive, irritable, and feel alienated (basically, Taehyung when he and Jin were arguing on Burn The Stage). Really, you can read every article about an ENFP and think “yep, that’s Taehyung right there” because these people don’t hide who they are in the slightest and have very strong beliefs that they will defend to eternity. ENFPs are even known to adore children and will very likely be the stranger that plays peek-a-boo with the toddler in front of them at the checkout lane. Just for clarity, Taehyung was the only one to rate the accuracy of his type with five stars. That says a lot.

Who are they most compatible with? Really, ENFPs make friends with anyone, but it takes a special person to get them to open up fully. While extroverted and seemingly always happy, they do tend to keep a lot buried inside of them. Because of this, INFJs and INTJs are their “natural” partner (mostly thanks to their Ni which balances the ENFP’s Ne), but the other NF types make a good match too.

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Park Jimin 


Last but certainly not least is the ever so charismatic and charming Park Jimin. Much like the other two extroverts, him typing as an ENFJ is not hard to imagine. An ENFJs dominant function is Fe (extroverted Feeling) making them people-focused individuals who (like j-hope, another dominant Fe) feel best when they are helping others feel their best.

ENFJs have a gift with understanding people. They truly shine when they are with others and as a result, they may be hesitant to ever be alone. They are not afraid to speak up when they feel something is wrong and can easily understand the motivations behind people (much like an INFJ, thanks to Ni and Fe). However, like INFJs they desire harmony and will avoid conflict in order to achieve that. ENFJs are known to be great charmers who are able to persuade people to do almost anything (sounds like the ultimate bias-wrecking Jimin). ENFJ’s make great teachers and mentors because of their desire to help people become their best selves. Jimin rated the accuracy of this result with four stars.

Despite their self-confidence, ENFJ’s may over-criticize themselves in their efforts to help people overcome their own problems. When ENFJs are not in their healthiest of headspaces, they may become severely insecure and perfectionists to a fault. They may try very hard to conform to societal ideals and focus too much on their image. If anyone remembers the extreme diet Jimin went on during WINGS era because he did not think he was skinny enough, this is an example of an unhealthy ENFJ. We can only hope he’s in a better headspace now.

ENFJ’s are most compatible with ISFPs and INFPs and would also get along with ISFJs and other NFs in general. (Watch out, most ENFJs like to flirt and are good at it).

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As a Whole 


What’s interesting about looking at this is seeing how all these types connect. When looking at each member’s most compatible types, not one is left alone, they all match up in one way or another. It’s no wonder that BTS is such a close, harmonious group. Not only did they grow up in the same country and have the same interests, but their personality preferences very much connect with each others.

j-hope’s Sensing function may be the only one in the group (which is good to have), but he shares his Feeling function with five others. Not only that, his Fe is his dominant function, exactly like Jimin’s. Jin may be the other Thinker of the group (which again, it’s good to have variety in order to see different points of views in situations), but he shares his iNtuition with five others. And the rest, well we already know that they all fall under the Diplomat (NF) group which gives them a boost in connecting with one another seamlessly. They are not too similar, and they are not too different, which may be the sweet spot to creating this family-like group.

This video from their BTS RUN episode 56, where they have to write poems and recite them, is a great video to use to observe the traits of each personality. Taehyung’s poem is of cute and creative ENFP style. Jungkook, Yoongi, and Namjoon induce chills with their poetic writing (seriously, Namjoon made me tear up). Jimin gets cutely embarrassed by his heartfelt poem. In ESFJ fashion, j-hope’s poem is (a bit lacking?) but hilariously fun and bright, inciting the laughs around the fire that he thrives off of. Jin’s poem is to the point, focusing on concrete things and ending rather comically. Watch it for yourself to catch the differences and similarities!

If you want to find out your own MBTI type, I suggest taking the test on multiple different sites and reading into each result. Do not take your first result at face value, because like Yoongi and many others, sometimes you may need to dig deeper in order to find the Answer (pun intended).

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