Get Into the Mood of the Season With These Makeup Looks

Get Into the Mood of the Season With These Makeup Looks

In the same way winters scream turtlenecks and summers call for crop tops and bright colors, different seasons call for different makeup shades and styles. The world of makeup can be a very exciting realm, with many looks to explore and new trends popping up every season; ride the melancholic waves of autumn with rich burgundy and brown shades or feel the freshness of spring in light pinks. Let us take you on a comprehensive list of seasonal complementary looks to try throughout the year.


With the dry, harsh winds of the cold winter air, the aim is to have your skin as moisturized and protected as possible. These extra layers of moisture mean your skin is pretty much loaded with products already. So the key is to go for a light BB cream with SPF and added moisture. To truly complement the soft blurriness of winter, neutrals and muted pastels work best. Since we mostly tend to reach for darker colors during the winters, your makeup can contribute to adding that extra bit of color to your look. Soft pinks and corals work to add a softness while keeping it natural. Adding a bit of color to your cheeks with blush gives you a rosy, merry look. If you’d like to go for a bit of a cuter vibe, I’d recommend applying some cream blush on your nose bridge and connecting it to your cheeks. With the lips, you can go for either a nude lipstick or light tints. For the day, I prefer tints since they’re easier to carry and have an overall lighter vibe. Since the eyes are quite neutral, muted pinks, corals, and beiges will work for any look. You can also elevate your whole look for the nighttime by simply going for a deep red or burgundy lipstick.



Ah, when the weather finally moves into a pleasant mix of cool and warm. The air finally has a refreshing quality about it—almost like everyone is waking up from the lull of winter. That is why it's time to shake your makeup look awake from its calm silence. Fresh pinks, peaches, and oranges—it's finally time to let them shine. With spring makeup, the key is to brighten up your face with a refreshing pop of color. For the eyes, keep it soft but bright at the same time. A light brush of orange or pink is all you need to highlight your eyes. To add an extra bit of glam, you can add a bit of glitter to your eyelids to add that fresh look. A gentle sweep of color to your cheeks will give you a subtle cheerful glow. To top it all off, a gradient lip or soft color works perfectly for this look.



The beginning of summer means flowy dresses, glowing tans, and summer holidays. This is finally that limbo period where you can do what you want and the days blend into each other. It’s also when you can be as experimental as you want with your style and makeup. Summers, after the initial welcoming of warm weather, can get quite hot and sticky. In terms of BB cushions, use something that gives more of a matte feel, like the Laneige Pore Blur Cushion. It absorbs the oils and gives your face less of a sweaty, sticky look. In terms of shades, when I think of summer, the two main aspects that come to mind are vivid colors and glow, glow, glow. Investing in a palette of diverse shadows and a good highlighter will come quite handy in the summers. Fresh, vivid pinks as well as rich, bronze glittery shades work just as well. Like I said, there really are no rules in the summer.



The queen of all seasons, autumn is the most emotionally rich season. The warm shades of the leaves falling, the slight chill in the air, and the spicy smells of pumpkin. So it makes sense that your makeup rides with the pensive tones of autumn. For this season, I suggest dry rose tones and rich burgundy shades. You can use glittery shadows to add a lightness and an overall softness to your whole look. Meanwhile, for the lips, using a tint or lipstick is up to you. However matte lipsticks do add more of a polished, gentle feel and work better to give off an autumn vibe.


So there you have it: a few makeup styles and shades that help you emanate each season. Which season fits you best?

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