9MUSES Deserves Better

9MUSES Deserves Better

The gradual decline of second and third generation K-Pop groups has been a disheartening one to witness. Many fans find out about disbandments after it’s been finalized, wishing they could’ve done anything to help prevent it from happening or from ending bitterly. However, fans of girl group 9MUSES have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #9MusesDeservesBetter to voice their thoughts on the group’s pending fate.

9MUSES debuted in 2010 and has undergone several lineup changes with 14 girls in and out of the group over the years. Many blame their company Star Empire Entertainment for lack of effective management—not only for them but for brother group ZE:A and even with currently promoted group IMFACT. In light of Girls Day’s rumored disbandment, it is understandable that MINE are worried about their group’s future. In almost nine years as a group, 9MUSES has yet to receive their first win on any music show program.

In a BBC documentary, you can see the time period right before the group’s debut. It shows the gritty behind-the-scenes that can be copied and pasted to any K-Pop group, even today. Presumably because of this pressure, Hyemi is the only member in this video in the current 9MUSES lineup; all of the other members have since left or “graduated.”

In order to support the group, here are some 9MUSES comebacks that showcase the versatility of their sound. Their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed; although it’s late, it’s only respectful to pay them their dues now than wait until they’re gone forever.

“Love City”

This electropop track is powerful, sassy, and a bit odd in a good way; these three traits tend to be a common factor in most 9MUSES comebacks.

“Sleepless Nights”

The girls tackled this darker concept, demonstrating a new side to their music. While it remains an underrated track, that doesn’t take away from the song’s catchy composition and the girls’ stunning looks.


9MUSES are masters at the retro concept. “Drama” is arguably one of their most recognizable comebacks, and for good reason.


“Glue” is definitely a favorable throwback for anyone who is a fan of the K-Pop sound circa 2012-2013. 9MUSES’s discography does a really good job of marrying live instrumentals with electronic sounds, which brings an organic element so it doesn’t sound too manufactured.


“Dolls” is another retro concept comeback that’s fun and groovy. The catchy chorus and dance make it easy to fall in love with.

“Hurt Locker”

This one was the one everyone thought would blow up. “Hurt Locker” was a bit different than anything 9MUSES had done before, and stood out amongst female groups at the time.

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