Catching up with K-Pop Dancer Susie Meoww

Catching up with K-Pop Dancer Susie Meoww


K-Pop dance covers has become a bustling sub-genre of viral content on social media. There is a booming market for these ambitious dancers; one-minute Instagram cover videos can garner hundreds of thousands—even over a million—of views. And with K-Pop companies hosting cover competitions, the quality of these covers has heightened with costumes, video editing, and filming locations. With people all around the world attempting to perfect their favorite groups’ and artists’ choreographies, however, it can be difficult to stand out among the rest.

But that hasn’t been the case for dancer Susie Meoww, who has amassed over 300,000 followers on Instagram and 70,000 subscribers on YouTube. The UCLA student is prominent in the dance community both as a solo K-Pop dancer and as a member of the widely popular cover team Koreos. Before K-Pop dance covers, she’s credited Chinese dance, which she started learning when she was four years old, as helping her with her flexibility and comfort in learning these choreographies today.

Susie has covered everyone from Sunmi to iKON. She’s even performed in front of Chungha: “It was very memorable. She was really, really nice. She’s one of the best dancers among idols in my opinion.” Her content online has branched out into other ventures like makeup tutorials and vlogs about her personal life. In the future, she even plans to share some of her original choreographies with the fans.

Thanks to the support of her family and friends back in China and the “encouraging” environment of the K-Pop dance community, Susie is motivated to improve and explore new territories. From speaking at KCON panels to studying sociology at UCLA to auditioning for JYP Entertainment, it is clear that Susie is reaching new heights both personally and professionally. Her success as a dancer can also inspire fellow dancers to reach their goals as well.

Q: Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

A: Hi my name is Susie and I create K-Pop dance cover videos along with all kinds of K-Pop content online. You can find me on Instagram and YouTube as @susiemeoww. I’ve been listening to K-Pop since I was in middle school.

Q: What was a goal that you accomplished in 2018 in terms of dance, and what’s a dance goal you have for 2019?

A: I challenged myself a lot last year. My pickup has improved a lot and I was able to pinpoint my problems and improve faster.

Q: Would you consider competing in a Korean variety show like Produce 101?

A: If there are opportunities, of course yes.

Q: How different is it doing dance covers alone versus doing them with Koreos?

A: There are pros and cons. I love dancing with Koreos mostly because I get to spend time with friends and dance with them. Dancing by myself gives me more control over how I want the video to look like, and it takes less time since there are so many things to consider when doing group covers such as synchronization, outfits, locations, schedules, etc.

Q: Is there any area of dancing you feel you can still improve?

A: A lot. I need to strengthen my core and arm power. Be more controlled and fluid.

Q: What’s been your most fulfilling experience as a K-Pop dancer?

A: Seeing myself improve and always being surprised by the amount of support I received.

Q: Which celebrity would you freak out over if you learned that they watched your dance cover of their song?

A: Honestly all of them. EXO and TWICE.

Q: What can we expect from you in 2019?

A: I don’t know either, I’m exploring as well. Mostly I want to be more creative to produce high-quality videos.

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future who you haven’t yet (celebrity, choreographer, dancer, etc)?

A: In my dream, Momo from TWICE. In reality, maybe some amazing choreographers that I look up to.

Check out more of Susie Meoww’s work on her social media:



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