Feed Your Skin Right with Glow Recipe’s Budget-Friendly Line “Sweet Chef”

Feed Your Skin Right with Glow Recipe’s Budget-Friendly Line “Sweet Chef”

From the beginning of the K-Beauty wave, a few brands have become household names within the industry—Glow Recipe being one of them. Founded by Sarah Lee and Christine Chang based on their mutual passion and commitment, the two individuals share over 20 years of experience within the beauty industry. Having started with the Blueberry Bounce Cleanser, a product that carries all the goodness of deep cleansing in one step along with the added benefits of a serum, they sure made a huge impression with their launch. Throw in the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, and it was only upward from there.

For those on a tight budget, Glow Recipe tends to fall on the indulgent, luxurious end; however, 2019 has not come empty-handed for K-Beauty enthusiasts. Towards the end of December, the K-Beauty giants announced a new addition to their brand: Sweet Chef. The line gives your skin the energy boost it needs without breaking the bank. And get this: the ingredients are all natural. While the label natural doesn’t always mean that the product is better than regular products, there is a higher chance that they avoid triggering ingredients like fragrances or parabens. So for all the sensitive-skinned folk out there, this is godsend.

Much like the main line, Sweet Chef follows the theme of basing their products around superfoods like kale and beetroot. In short, it's basically like feeding your face some much needed salad to combat all the junk it absorbs. Based on the idea of double seruming—a concept based on the practice of cocktailing your serums to target different concerns—the serum shots come in three different combinations: Ginger + Vitamin C, Beetroot + Vitamin A, and Kale + Vitamin B.

Energizing Ginger + Vitamin C


Ginger has long been an ingredient aimed to give you a boost of energy as well as strengthen your immunity. Along with brightening skin, its antioxidant quality tackles environmental factors like pollution, dust, and damage from the sun. Vitamin C, meanwhile, deals with further brightening skin as well as evening it out from hyperpigmentation. Paired together the serum shot, as well as its “Oh Ginger Snap” mask counterpart, it is a force to reckon with for dull skin.

Enhancing Beetroot + Vitamin A


Probably one of the most popular ingredients within the beauty industry at the moment, beets are slowly getting the recognition they deserve. Rich in antioxidants, not only do they protect your skin from skin cell damage, but they also target existing problems like breakouts, dull skin, and dark spots. Meanwhile, the Vitamin A (also known as retinoids) in the product gets readily absorbed by the skin, a retinoid-responsive organ, to give the skin the hydration it needs and smooth out fine lines. The shot as well as the “Beet of My Heart” mask are your one-way ticket to radiant, smooth skin.

Hydrating Kale + Vitamin B


Another product that’s incredibly hyped not just within the beauty industry but also within the health world, kale definitely earns its title as a superfood. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, it aims to hydrate and strengthen skin. This happens to be exactly what the shot and the “Don’t Kale My Vibe” sheet mask aim to do. Along with soothing the skin and reducing any redness or inflammation, the Vitamin B in the product targets sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and the overall condition of your skin to give you that healthy glow. Amongst the three, this is definitely most suited towards those with issues related to dry skin.

The best part of this line extension by Glow Recipe is that it goes to show that good skin really does not need to come at a price. So go ahead, be the mother your skin needs and don’t forget your veggies. The serum shots and masks are already available on Glow Recipe’s website at $19.99 and $4.00 respectively. They also go on sale at Target from January 27 onwards. Make sure you get your hands on them, and let us know what you think!

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