Mental Health Awareness Day: A Playlist

Mental Health Awareness Day: A Playlist

There’s no arguing that Mental Health Awareness Day is important, especially when so many people suffer in silence around the world. In celebration of bringing attention to this important issue, staff here at The Kraze have compiled their favorite releases in K-Pop that have helped them with their own mental struggles.

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Jean - Photographer

“The Cure (살 자)” - Drunken Tiger, Yoonmirae & Bizzy

Tiger JK composed “The Cure” during his father's losing battle with cancer. Having been through a similar loss with my mother, I find moments that I'm low filled with thoughts of her, and this song is a warm blanket that comforts and uplifts. It acknowledges struggles, loneliness, but ends with a hard fought smile.

“Mixtape #2” - Stray Kids

Stray Kids “Mixtape #2” focuses more on the day to day struggles of continuing on your path despite its pitfalls. The song recognizes our mental demons, encouraging us push through them. Both have the common thread of needing to get up and to not give up despite hardships, which helps on days where the struggle to start the day is real.

Courtney - Editor-In-Chief

“전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold)” - BTS

This wouldn’t be classified as a self-love song, and it’s a pretty sad song both in lyrics and sound. However, it’s one of the only songs that gets me emotional enough to cry (especially when viewed live). Crying can be really cathartic, so I feel like this one helps me get out emotions when I normally wouldn’t be able to.

“Answer: Love Myself” - BTS

This song is definitely designed with self-love as the message. It’s not a song I seek out often, but I do love its positive message, and even more than that, I love that it’s part of a much larger narrative that traces a person’s experience through new love, challenges, dissolution of that love, and finally self-love. I think that makes this song all the more meaningful, and it contains important messages we all need to hear.

Roxy - Marketing Director

“The Last” - Agust D

There’s a reason that Min Yoongi is so close to my heart, and that was only solidified further by the release of “The Last.” He chronicles the struggles of depression openly through the song, delivering it with such raw emotion that it’s impossible not to be moved by his story. What I love most about it, however, is that the final refrain holds a positive sign of hope and strength in overcoming all the difficulties, showing a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Maze of Memories” - Stray Kids

Something that Stray Kids does exceptionally well is voice the internal struggles every person faces just having to live day-to-day. Diving deep into their demons and the anger that results from it, the powerful emotion is echoed in the intense melody and raps, but is resolved in the end with a mantra of “never give up.” That’s something so easy to say with no context, but after having illustrated that they understand the struggle and still have that mentality, it carries much more weight and fills me with hope even on my toughest days.

Luke - Writer

“Full Moon” - Sunmi ft. Lena

“Full Moon” isn't even remotely a self-love song, or one of sadness, but it was on repeat while I was going through my surgery in January! I actually listened to it so much that I couldn't listen to it when I got out, but it provided a comfort during a difficult time.

“Come Back Home” - 2NE1

“Come Back Home” really helped me deal with the bouts of grief I would have over my mother, and then over 2NE1 disbanding! It's the one song that I don't think will ever get old for me, and is always one that I recommend to people wanting to get into K-Pop.

Heba - Web Manager

“Reflection” and “Always” - RM

The lyrics say what I'm feeling so it's like the songs are giving me a hug.

Aleena - Writer/Editor

“Wake Me Up” - B.A.P

This song is a beautiful mix of vocal and rap, expressing the need to wake up from our inner turmoil and believe in ourselves again. Co-written by Yongguk and Zelo, the members pour their soul into this song all about redeeming ourselves, to wake up for an emotional revolution. It's not always easy to talk about mental health, but B.A.P's song really captures my heart in both the music and the lyrics. Their personal message delivers through and connects with their fans. "Wake Me Up" is a song I listen to whenever my mood drops, and helps me remember that I'm not alone.

N. Ali - Writer

“No Make Up” - Zion.T & “I Am The Best” - 2NE1

It would be a lie if anyone said that life never got us down. It was in some rough times that these songs brought me back up and armed me with the courage to soldier on. Whether it was Zion.T assuring that you don't need any make-up or need to care what others in the world may think of you, or 2NE1's confidence boost to remind you that you are the best, these songs are always at the top my my morale boosting playlists to lift me up from dark times.

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