Blood Types: Meaning and Compatibility

Blood Types: Meaning and Compatibility

Everyone in Korea knows their own blood type, not just for medical reasons but also because blood types can influence a person’s personality. For those not familiar with Korea’s culture, it might seem a bit strange if someone asks about what one’s blood type is. Koreans believe that being creative, passionate, lazy, and other personality traits are because of a person’s blood type. Although not scientifically proven, it can be fun and quite a shock to see how they can be right sometimes. Here are the meanings behind the four blood types.

Blood Type A: Obsessive but Loyal

Those who are type A are cautious of sharing their feelings with others. They don’t easily put their trust in someone but when they do, they are loyal and considerate. Women who possess blood type A are said to have a strong pride which can cause them to sometimes act emotionless. When they love someone, they stay true and loyal. That is why they easily get jealous and emotionally damaged when betrayed. Men, on the other hand, are said to possess a friendly personality; however, just like the type A women, they easily get hurt because they have fragile hearts.

POSITIVE TRAITS: conservative, introverted, reserved, and patient
NEGATIVE TRAITS: obsessive, stubborn, and self-conscious
ARTISTS WITH BLOOD TYPE A: BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, IKON’s Jinhwan, After School’s Nana, and f(x)’s Victoria

Blood Type B: Passionate but Lazy

Those who have blood type B are known to be independent but impatient. They are good at being themselves and not caring about what others think of them. Although creative, they can sometimes be shallow and a bit lazy. Men who have this blood type have a bad reputation in Korea and are considered as “players.” They easily lose interest in relationships just as fast as they fall in love, which is why they are said to not be capable in maintaining long-term relationships. Type B women like speaking their minds and hate to be controlled by rules. Although they get bored easily, they are individualistic and strong.

POSITIVE TRAITS: optimistic, passionate, animal-loving, and flexible
NEGATIVE TRAITS: forgetful, self-centered, and lazy
ARTISTS WITH BLOOD TYPE B: SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, SHINee’s Minho, Super Junior’s Siwon, SISTAR’s Hyorin, Girl’s Generation’s Sunny

Blood Type AB: Genius but Loud

People who have this blood type are either the genius or the psycho. They use their heads more than their hearts which makes them rational and good with money. They can also be sensitive and shy, but their strong and extreme loudness can fool the people around them. Type AB men are cold and distant at first meeting, but once they become a friend, they are actually caring and the first one to forgive. They also easily adapt to change, so jumping from one environment to another is a piece of cake. Type AB women, however, are known to be curious of other people’s business but hate being the talk of the town. Although type AB women are sometimes impatient and suspicious, they are caring and considerate.

POSITIVE TRAITS: controlled, rational, and cool
NEGATIVE TRAITS: indecisive, suspicious, and loud
ARTISTS WITH BLOOD TYPE AB: BTS’s V, EXO’s Suho, former 2NE1’s Bom, and miss A’s Suzy

Blood Type O: Confident but Ruthless

The last blood type is the most beloved of all: the blood type O. It is said that among the four, people who have blood type O are known to have the best personalities. Because of their confidence, they are natural born risk-takers and self-proclaimed winners. With their outgoing, expressive and passionate attitude, they stand out and have a strong presence. Although they speak their mind in a good way, they can be a little bit obsessive in achieving success. Men who are type O are extremely sensitive and often hide their true feelings because they fear rejection. They enjoy being active, and they can easily put their trust in someone. Type O women on the other hand are extremely bold, strong, and unpredictable. They prefer staying out of the spotlight and even though they may not look like it, they are the ones who easily get lonely because they easily get hurt.

POSITIVE TRAITS: athletic, confident, robust, and outgoing
NEGATIVE TRAITS: arrogant, insensitive, and ruthless
ARTISTS WITH BLOOD TYPE O: 2PM’s Nickhun, GOT7’s Jackson, Red Velvet’s Wendy, TWICE’s Jungyeon, Girl’s Day’s Minah

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