A Few of Red Velvet’s Outfits We Can’t Stop Thinking About

A Few of Red Velvet’s Outfits We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Red Velvet has proved time and time again that they are a girl group that can do it all. While K-Pop girl groups have a history of being classified into two styles, Red Velvet has found a way to create a niche for themselves—catering to a bubbly, pop vibe with their Red side and a more sensual, mature R&B vibe with their Velvet side. Along with musical versatility, they have also shown their ability to encompass both sides of their musical personality through their stage outfits. In light of the girls’ new U.S. tour, here are a few of their stage outfits we won’t stop thinking about for a while.



Mother of all velvet concepts, “Automatic” is what really started it all; we got Red Velvet in suits! It’s almost as if they already knew they were the leaders of smooth R&B and versatility. “Automatic” as a track and stage performance was truly much ahead of its time. From the mellow vocals and stunning choreography to the simple yet strong stage outfits, “Automatic” truly allows Red Velvet to shine as vocalists and performers.

Bad Boy


“Bad Boy” just really was that era. We’re talking abs. We’re talking fishnets. We’re talking leather and velvet. We’re talking Red Velvet’s flawless visuals in all of the aforementioned. Personally, I feel that quite a few of Red Velvet’s best stage outfits are born from their Velvet side, mainly because it just feels so smooth and effortlessly sexy. “Bad Boy” being no exception whatsoever—especially Wendy’s lazy bun and mussed up bangs paired with her fierce outfits. It’s hard to really say who owned this era when every member looked so on point and fierce.



With all the ‘90s edits making their rounds on Instagram, I can’t help but think about the mother of all ‘90s edits; the “Peek-A-Boo” era. The lush, alluring melodies of “Peek-A-Boo” and the sleek girl crush vibes are not just embodied by the sharp choreography, but by the suave outfits too. From Seulgi’s velvet bodysuit and gold gloves, Irene’s shimmery dress and red velvet thigh-high boots to Yeri’s burgundy sheer top, “Peek-A-Boo” was a pleasant mix of both their Red and Velvet vibes.

Red Flavor


Just like how a lot of their Red tracks are bright and bubbly, it only makes sense for their outfits to be a burst of color too. “Red Flavor” not only dominated the summer with its catchy music and colorful video, but with its refreshing summery outfits. And with Irene's cute bangs and Joy's fiery red hair, the comeback was truly a treat.

Russian Roulette


Red Velvet came out banging with this high-energy comeback. A quirky take on the popular sketch Itchy&Scratchy, the members are fun and playful within the music video. This explains why it only makes sense that their outfits are an array of lighthearted, bright ensembles. The blue sporty outfits truly matched all their bright hair shades and allowed them to shine on stage. It also worked perfectly in giving off the lively, impish nature of the song and their Red side.

Bonus Mention


While all the girls look beautiful in red, the color does enhance the beauty of members Joyand Seulgi. With Joy’s waist-length jet black hair and Seulgi’s svelte figure, I can’t be the only one waiting for the return of these looks.

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