Yoon Jisung Greets Fans with New EP “Aside”

Yoon Jisung Greets Fans with New EP “Aside”

With his solo debut, former Wanna One leader Yoon Jisung greets his fans with “Aside.” This six song mini-album shows the versatility of his voice and sets the stage for what fans should expect going forward. Jisung briefly mentioned in a past V-LIVE broadcast that he chose to title the album “Aside” because he wanted to make sure his fans knew that he would “always be by their side.”

The Title: In the Rain

This song is the classic ballad, featuring a smooth piano melody and muted hi-hats from the drums that set the base of the overall song. The hi-hats create the sound of rain throughout the song, playing into the motif of the title. However, I expected more from this song as it is the title track of the whole album. This could also be a song that fits as the soundtrack of a romance drama.

The Music Video

The music video is colorful, to say the least; the scenes are mixed with vibrant neon colors and bright pastels. There are several sets ranging from a room full of teddy bears to a bus stop. Jisung himself has the “boyfriend” aesthetic that makes girls giggle at the sight of him in the video. It has a good balance that does not make the video seem overwhelming or disappointing.

”쉼표 (Comma),” co-wrote with Lee Daewhi

Jisung mentioned in his V-LIVE that this song was a gift given to him by fellow Wanna One member Lee Daewhi. In this track, it is easy to see the difference in composition compared to the other five tracks on the album. In this track, guitar and drums are the focus of the song, contributing to an acoustic coffee house feel. This song has good potential for popularity among fans who like the rawness that comes with acoustic melodies.

“바람 같은 너” featuring Changbin of Stray Kids

This track is my favorite of the whole album. We are treated with a fun mix of EDM and Pop that fits the color of Jisung’s vocals and Changbin’s rap. These two artists’ voices fit well with each other. “바람 같은 너” would have made a great title track instead of “In the Rain” because of the chemistry between these two artists. It was cool to see a rookie artist featured on a track for a well-known performer. I hope that Jisung promotes this song alongside “In the Rain.”

“Clover,” “왜 내가 아닌지,” and “또 웃기만 해”

These three tracks all contain similar elements in their composition. “Clover” has a classic jazzy feel; the piano takes the main stage in the melody alongside mellow percussion. “또 웃기만 해” is a classic boy group ballad; I wasn’t impressed with it, as Jisung was well known for his vocal color in Wanna One and didn’t quite deliver. I expected more from it. Finally, “왜 내가 아닌지” could very well be used in a future romance drama, as the song sounds like it would be played at the ending of every episode.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was not impressed with this album. I would go as far as to say I was bored. The only track I would find myself listening to again is “바람 같은 너.” I am not one that likes an album filled with a lot of slow songs, but those who like vocal-heavy ballad albums, this is an album for you.

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