(G)I-DLE Blows Your Mind with I Made

(G)I-DLE Blows Your Mind with I Made

In recent years, very few groups have really strayed away from the typical beats that come with K-Pop. Girl groups in particular have a very small window to explore. But 2019 has already proved a promising year for versatility within the idol world. With their debut track “Latata,” (G)I-DLE not only proved they were going for something unique, but also earned them their “monster rookie” status. They successfully kept expectations high with their “Hann” comeback, straying away from “Latata” just enough to keep us interested. So it's safe to say that quite a lot of people were keen to see what the group would come out with this time.


Coming out with their second mini-album I Made on February 26, the girls also released the music video to their title track “Senorita.” Taking inspiration from Latin pop as well as being composed and written by Soyeon, “Senorita” is an upbeat track that talks about love at first sight and confidently expressing your feelings. Starting with Soyeon and Soojin’s seductive vocals, the track contrasts with Yuqi’s deep, smooth voice in the second verse. Miyeon and Minnie completely dominate the chorus with their distinctive tones, a section that easily remains memorable.

I personally thought the title track fell a bit short of expectations. From the mysterious teasers it was quite hard to know what “Senorita” would sound like; I loved the individual sections I heard, but the transitions didn’t feel smooth and made the track feel a bit choppy. After the melodious chorus and instrumental post chorus, Soyeon’s rap felt abrupt and out of place within the whole track. However, I absolutely love what they did with what could have been a very generic girl group Latin-based track. It doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard before and still has a very distinct (G)I-DLE sound about it. Despite its abrupt nature, the song still sticks in your head and gets better with each listen.


The music video saw the girls in a bright location narrowly avoiding danger. From a crane hook narrowly avoiding Shuhua to Yuqi slowly walking towards an open manhole, the girls are so wrapped up in their own feelings they don’t seem to notice the present danger. The bright colors paired with their beautiful outfits truly made for a visual treat. I don’t think I’ll stop talking about Soojin in that red dress for days.

The next track “What’s Your Name” takes a completely different turn, as the members sing about the after effects of a breakup. The sombre tone of the lyrics is completely contrasted by the cheery sound of the tropical beat. A complete switch from the Latin vibes of the previous track, “What’s Your Name” is a track that truly showcases each of their vocals and Soyeon’s composing and writing abilities. Yuqi’s interspersed phrases and Soyeon’s “what’s your name” phrase work perfectly with Soojin, Miyeon, and Minnie’s soft vocals, allowing the track to sound as fresh as it does. I absolutely love this track and think it would have worked perfectly as a title track, but positioning it right after “Senorita” also shows exactly how versatile (G)I-DLE really is.


Following with the breakup theme, “Say No” is the melancholic break within the album I never knew I needed. It captures the desperate feeling of a love fading away through the sparse instrumental and heavy vocals and harmonies. The pre-chorus utilizes Minnie and Yuqi’s unique vocals with a haunting, chant-like verse. Furthermore, with the lack of a rap (shine vocalist Jeon Soyeon!), we are truly able to immerse ourselves in the feeling the song creates.

Once again we are whisked away to a coffee shop with “Please,” a relaxing track about being head-over-heels for your partner. The musical-like instrumental of the song works to express the cute feelings of a young girl in love. Minnie’s dreamy vocals and Yuqi and Shuhua’s quirky pre-chorus prevent the track from sounding too repetitive.


To end the album, we got a track written and co-composed by Minnie. “Blow Your Mind” was a track that held the most expectations from me, seeing as how it was Minnie’s first song in a language that wasn’t even her second. Not only did it meet expectations, it easily surpassed them. The added effects and the dreamy melody are both so unique and unlike anything I’ve heard in the K-Pop industry, which gives the song its funky vibe. While the chorus is more pop like, it’s still distinctive enough to keep it exciting. Just when you think the song can’t get any better, Soyeon comes in with a rap that gives the song the right amount of kick.

This was a great return for (G)I-DLE, comeback wise. It proved how many versatile genres they were able to make their own and also showed just how skilled they are with dabbling in their own music. While the title track may have not been as impactful as “Hann,” the other tracks in the album more than made up for it. The genres were all so completely different, each tied together with their particular flair. But there’s two things this album proved for sure:  (G)I-DLE definitely holds great potential and I Made is just the start of it.

“Senorita” Title Score: 5.5/10

Music Video Score: 8/10

I Made Album Score: 9/10

Overall: 7.5/10

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