The Best of Park Bogum

The Best of Park Bogum

Let’s face it: if you’re into K-Dramas it’s probable you were at one point, or still are, really into Park Bogum. It’s impossible to avoid the actor, considering he is definitely one of the best in the business. If you’ve come down with a nasty case of Bogum fever like we have, we’ve got the exact list of his dramas to watch that will feed your addiction.


His most recent work, Encounter, is a must-see drama for anyone who is into the story of true love conquering all obstacles. Bogum plays the sweet and carefree Kim Jinhyuk, a boy of humble means who is nothing short of the best and most adorable person on the planet. He has a chance encounter with CEO Cha Soohyun (Song Hyekyo) while on a personal trip to Cuba, setting in motion the endearing love story. Soohyun is in business trying to finalize the preparations for her new hotel chain in Cuba, and ends up getting lost in the unfamiliar country when she decides to go view a legendary sunset. Enter Jinhyuk to the rescue, who helps escort her back to her hotel safely. But in the meantime, the two share a pseudo-date through the city of Havana, complete with sipping beers on a hilltop and dancing salsa at a club.

Upon return to Korea, Jinhyuk receives a job offer from Soohyun’s company and joins their PR team. He hadn’t realized in Cuba that Soohyun was his CEO, complicating his obvious feelings for her. Despite the setback, the two still end up meeting frequently, and Jinhyuk quickly learns that the CEO has somewhat of a celebrity status, so the press is constantly reporting her every move. Scandal after scandal befalls the blossoming couple, adding a shadow of doubt to their growing feelings. The duo experience a heavy amount of scrutiny from all sides as their love story unfolds, but the undeniably pure affection that the two share conquers all. If you’re in need of a lovable and charming Bogum, you won’t want to pass up Encounter.

Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds

Park Bogum playing the crown prince of Joseon? Yes please! Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds follows the story of Yi Yeong, crown prince of Joseon, who has a mischievous side that makes him a nuisance to his servants. His female counterpart is Hong Raon (Kim Yoojung), a young girl who dresses up as a man on the street and ends up getting sold to the palace as a eunuch. Raon, under the name Samnom, had previously encountered Yeong outside of the palace while he was disguised as a noble, and Yeong was quickly charmed by her brash demeanor and the fact that she treated him like any other person, mostly due to her lack of knowledge that he was indeed the crown price.

Aside from the growing love story between the two, the story also follows Yeong’s struggle against his political enemies and his maturing behavior as he prepares to ascend to the throne. With a weak and paranoid father controlled by his fear of assassination, Yeong struggles to best his enemies and keep Raon safe on top of it all. While the drama starts off light and comedic, be forewarned that there is a heavy dose of angst toward the end of the series that basically pulls the story to rock bottom. Even so, if you’re looking for a historical drama to get addicted to, Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds is one of the best choices.

Reply 1988

Currently still sitting in the top three of the highest-rated dramas in Korean cable television history, Reply 1988 is one of, if not the most beloved of the Reply series. This drama is less focused on the romantic aspect of relationships and more so on the filial relationships. Bogum plays Choi Taek, a school dropout and famous GO player known as “God.” His character is loosely based on real life GO player Lee Changho.

The romance between Taek and lead female Deoksun (Lee Hyeri) is the main, and really only, romance line in the story. These two and their three other friends Junghwan, Sunwoo, and Dongryong grew up together as childhood friends, with all their families very close to each other as well. Taek is the only school dropout, with the four others attending high school the whole duration of the story. Reply 1988 is a K-Drama classic that all fans should take the time to experience.

Hello Monster

Considered Bogum’s breakout acting performance, Hello Monster is a lesser-known drama that did not receive the greatest ratings during its run. However, Bogum’s performance in this series was considered the best part of the drama. Mixing up his usual M.O. as an amiable boy, Bogum’s character Jung Sunho is a brooding, cold individual living under the misconception that he was abandoned by his brother after their father was murdered.

This drama is definitely on the darker side, with a focus on intense crime and heavy thriller themes. It’s a different look at Bogum as an actor, even though he is not playing the main character. If you’re looking for something a little bit off the track from his other works, Hello Monster is worth a view for its interesting story and breakout acting performances all around.

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