VAV has the “Thrilla Killa” in Latest Comeback

VAV has the “Thrilla Killa” in Latest Comeback

Five months after breakout digital single “Senorita,” VAV has made their comeback on March 18 with mini-album THRILLA KILLA. A catchy track with ‘80s retro vibes and an intoxicating concept, “Thrilla Killa” is guaranteed to become your next favorite release.

“Thrilla Killa”

“Thrilla Killa” is definitely in a different realm compared to the last release, with a more synth-pop focused melody that is very reminiscent of popular music in the ‘80s. The taste of retro flavor is definitely welcome, even if unexpected. With a groovy rhythm and bass line, this track will get you up out of your seat to jam, especially if you’re a fan of the retro sound. It’ll be a great addition to the summer party playlist going forward.

Visually, this video is stunning, although we predicted that was going to be the case based on the teaser photos and videos for the comeback. The concept has a touch of sexy that is just right and is flawlessly executed by the members. If you’re a fan of attractive boys in suits, you’re going to be a fan of this video. While there is no overarching story or theme in the video, there is a series of different shots for each member, such as St. Van wrapped up in red string, Lou in a room full of mirrors, or Ayno trapped behind an elevator. We can’t forget to mention Ace’s scene on a bed near water with an open shirt, though it is a little too much for us to handle! That aside, the choreography is also quite sharp and put together. The strength in this release will definitely be the performance aspect of the song.

All in all, “Thrilla Killa” has the power to be a solid performing title track. While it likely won’t go as far as “Senorita” did, it has enough of its own charm to be a good follow up to the previously stellar release.

The Album

THRILLA KILLA features five tracks, one of which is an instrumental version of the title. The album kicks off with the title song before transitioning into the first B-side, “I’m Sorry,” a smooth and modern track with a moderate tempo that has a strong build up to the traditional EDM drop. It gives the album more of a modern flare in comparison to the retro vibe in “Thrilla Killa.”

The house and EDM vibes come on strong with the next track, “Touch You.” This sounds more like a song that you may hear in the club with its pulsing beat driving the song forward. With this as the third track, it feels like the album shifts from musical eras as you listen. “Senorita” is the fourth track on the album, as the group likely wanted to include the digital single on a physical album going forward. As we are huge fans of “Senorita,” it’s a nice treat to have it included as well. The album then concludes with the instrumental version of “Thrilla Killa,” which is a nice inclusion to have, as the listener has the chance to hear the melody a bit clearer and understand its composition without the lyrics overtaking the sound. For music nerds like myself, I always enjoy a solid instrumental to get a good listen on the melody.

THRILLA KILLA is by no means a bad mini-album, but its one setback is that it may not have the ability to attract the attention necessary for the group to get bigger. “Thrilla Killa” is probably the strongest song on the album, as the B-sides can sometimes fall by the wayside for being a bit too generic. That being said, THRILLA KILLA is definitely an album worth checking out and adding to your rotating playlist.

“Thrilla Killa” Title Score: 8/10

Music Video Score: 8.5/10

Album Score: 7.5/10

Total Score: 8/10

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