Soundcloud Gems: Yelloasis

Soundcloud Gems: Yelloasis

International fans experience K-Pop differently than Korean fans. With the oversaturation of artists in the industry, it can be difficult to find up-and-coming underground artists who have yet to break into the mainstream. Western music streaming services like iTunes and Spotify are doing a good job at incorporating extensive K-Pop catalogs, but for these lesser known artists, a site like Soundcloud helps to better connect them with their potential audience. There are so many talented artists swimming around this platform, so we’re highlighting artists that deserve your attention.


Yelloasis is only one member of the talented underground R&B crew Marilyn Monderland. The crew’s six members—Yelloasis, JUNNY, WOOGS, Holynn, BRIX, and Holymoley!—cover all bases: singing, songwriting, composing, and artwork. Yelloasis contributes to the collective as a self-identified R&B singer-songwriter and producer, and it’s reflected in his work on Soundcloud. He also frequently works with JUNNY, with the duo boasting several collaborative albums together, as well as work with Holynn. The singer’s immediate charm is his voice, a raspy tone that is legitimately unlike any voice in the current Korean music scene. His adept vocal technique mixed with the group’s hit-making production skills make it hard to believe the group hasn’t blown up yet. Yelloasis, in particular, has the potential to be one of the most distinctive voices in mainstream music if he continues his streak of hits.

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“2018” prod. by BRIX

“2018” was the first of Yelloasis’s songs that popped up on my recommended list, and what led me down the Yelloasis rabbit hole. This bumping track is perfect for summer days cruising down the freeway with your windows open. His vocal intonation scats on the beat like a professional; it’s apparent he’s aware of the range of his vocal ability. The song epitomizes the feel-good vibe we can all use in our day-to-day routine.

“Smile Man”

This tender R&B tune showcases the singer’s softer side (although the English lyrics indicate it’s a bit explicit). From his solo album me (E chord), “Smile Man” still brings the feel-good vibes, but is definitely more lo-fi with the piano melody atop the hip-hop beat. While Yelloasis’s distinctive voice is naturally strong and commands attention, he dials it back in order to complement the track’s gentle tone. He still manages to weave in some impressive vocal runs and ad-libs.

“Problem” with JUNNY

Off their collaborative 2017 album Interior, the singer pairs up with JUNNY to deliver this hype B-side. “Problem” plays with an electric piano and a scattered trap beat; you can’t help but to at least bump your head. The tempo picks up halfway through as Yelloasis enters, but drops in and out as the chorus comes back. It’ll definitely appeal to fans of K-Hip-Hop beats supplied by the likes of Cha Cha Malone and Giriboy.

“Don’t Know Why U Wonder” prod. by Holymoley!

If you’re a fan of Bryson Tiller-esque R&B, this track is for you. This darker track carries more emotional baggage than the first three, but demonstrates the versatility of Yelloasis’s artistry and the many sides of R&B he can tackle. The runs in this one are the most emotionally piercing. It’s hard not to get swept up by the way he belts those notes.

“Bxtch” prod. by Holymoley!

He continues to highlight the different dimensions of R&B with the gritty, unforgiving “Bxtch.” On this track, the singer pairs his insane vocals with the dexterous flow of a freestyle rapper. His command of the rhythm outdoes some of the best rappers in the game. The beat is so dirty, there’s no doubt you’ll also feel the bitterness emitted from melody and the lyrics.

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