Simple Makeup Tips for Those Who Wear Glasses

Simple Makeup Tips for Those Who Wear Glasses

A simple makeup look is perfect to wear with glasses, since they cover part of your face. Instead of wearing contacts, you are able to rock a cute makeup look that fits perfectly with your glasses. Another way to spice up the makeup look is to find a pair of cute glasses that will not only define your face but match your makeup look.

Don’t Overlook the Eyes

When doing your eye makeup, the perfect way to make your eyes pop is through adding glitter. You can apply glitter on the eyelids and the “aegyosal” (fat under the eyes) which allows your eyes to look bigger as well as brighter. For mascara, the perfect way to make sure that your eyes don’t get covered with the glasses is to ensure that you are focusing on the roots of your eyelashes. If you apply too much mascara on the tip, it can rub off on your glasses or even cause your eyelashes to droop down. Also, don’t forget to curl your eyelashes before applying the mascara.

Brightening the Glasses Shadow  

Another important factor is your face makeup, since the glasses do make a shadow on your face. To ensure that your face continues to look bright, you can apply some brightening concealer onto the cheeks as well as under the glasses. To perfectly brighten the area, use a salmon colored or even yellow concealer that will definitely brighten the area just like highlighter. By brightening the face, you won’t look dull and will look more awake throughout the day.

Framing Using Eyebrows

Eyebrows are also very important in framing your face to complete the look. Some glasses may cover the eyebrows, but most of them don’t, so ensuring that your eyebrow shape matches your glasses will help define your face. As always, eyebrows complete the look; without doing eyebrow makeup, most people feel that their daily makeup look is not complete. They definitely make an impact in the makeup look; for example, if the eyebrows are softer with a smaller arch, it makes you look gentle and innocent.  


Last but not least, do not forget to apply powder over your foundation to ensure that your glasses stay up on your nose bridge. If you don’t apply enough powder on your face, the glasses can rub off the foundation and slide down your face. Applying powder also allows you to control the amount of oil and sebum produced throughout the day.

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