Weekly Charts: February 28 - March 6

Weekly Charts: February 28 - March 6

Welcoming the first week of March are shining soloists sweeping the various music charts. These talented artists dominate this week’s charts with powerful pop messages, bumping beats, and ethereal debuts.


Sunmi conceals her pain with likes and follows in latest single, “Noir,” released on March 4.

Like a violent noir film, the soloist finds herself in the dark movie genre as she craves attention in even the most dangerous scenarios. Contrasting the lightheartedness of social media with ominous visuals, her pop single expresses social media addiction as the modern noir that pushes users to the edge. Sunmi’s thought-provoking lyrics on top of a lo-fi beat has listeners hooked as her song tops charts like Genie, Bugs!, and Soribada at number one.


Ha Sungwoon soars to the skies with “Bird” from his debut EP, My Moment. The elated singer experiences the joys of love that send him to the high heavens. Head in the clouds, he shares this euphoric feeling with his loved one with every heart-fluttering moment where they shine like the shimmering stars from above. Currently taking the number two spot on Mnet, Ha Sungwoon takes flight with listeners on a journey to utopia through this dreamy track.


Key wants to be a source of comfort with “I Wanna Be” from his first repackaged album, released on March 3. Featuring (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, the soloist shares his desire to be a source of strength to those in need with his ever-present support. In this pop-dance track inspired by the electronic U.K. garage genre, the shining star expresses his unconditional love that transcends any boundaries. In time for his enlistment, this energetic track tops NAVER at number one as a gift for fans that keeps the singer locked in their hearts.

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