Sik-K Embarks on FL1P World Tour

Sik-K Embarks on FL1P World Tour

First showing himself through the program Show Me The Money 4 as a contestant, Sik-K, now part of the H1GHR Music gang, is on the way to visit his fans from all over the world.


With the release of his most recent album FL1P, Sik-K makes his appearance at 12 different stops throughout the U.S. As he set the stage at The Novo on April 7, The Kraze was able to get a first-hand experience of the roaring excitement of fans all around the venue.

DJ Summit, arriving on the stage prior to the artist, hyped up the atmosphere with his uniquely mixed sequence of songs. Ranging from trendy pop to Korean hip-hop music, the DJ’s extraordinary series brought the audience’s anticipation up in an instant.

As the lights turned off Sik-K came on stage, officially starting the concert with “Flip Fl1p,” “Outta My Head,” and “Noizy.” His presence turned the crowd wild, fans hollering his name as he dominated the stage. Though it was only the beginning of the concert, the rapper heated up the mood in a snap as he swept the stage, going right and left to interact with everyone on the ground. Throughout multiple occasions, the artist grabbed a bottle from the row of waters arranged in front of the speaker. The crowd knew what was coming for them, and they were fired up as the water showered over their heads, just as they expected; even the water could not stop the rising passion of the fans.


With the speakers blasting out “Rendezvous,” Sik-K kept the groovy mood going, showing off his distinctive vibe as he continued on with his hit songs like “XYZ” and “Fire.”

The short talks made in between the intense songs enhanced fans’ experience of the concert. The artist did not talk for an extensive amount of time, but his introduction along with several short comments were enough to pump up the crowd and prepare them to be ready to welcome the special guest.

H1GHR Music previously hinted on their social media of a mysterious special guest to join Sik-K on his FL1p World Tour. Woodie Gochild took part in the show at Los Angeles, making an impactful presence with his tracks. “Muse” was one of my personal favorites as the crowd fully immersed themselves to the beat, and “Cotton Candy” was definitely a bop that automatically excited the audience with thrill and sensation.


Sik-K reappeared after Woodie Gochild’s solo performance, ending his individual segment with  songs such as “Love Aches,” “Vanessa,” “Ring Ring,” and “Iffy.” Listening to the familiar rhythm of the songs, there were many fans on the ground level who could not keep their excitement in, breaking into dances and showing off their own moves. Much to the crowd’s expectations and shouts, the artist complied to their request, revealing his toned body and driving the fans wild once again.


The artist soon enough went backstage, assuring the sad fans who called for him that there are some songs left and requested for the audience not to yell encore. Later, Woodie Gochild and Sik-K came out together to end the concert. From “Yelows Gang” to “Party (Shut Down),” it literally felt like the beginning of the show as fans’ voices did not seem to cease in volume, despite the hours they spent waiting for entry into the show and actually cheering for the artist and his special guest. The energy given by the artists was equally received as the crowd handed Sik-K their gifts, such as a California flag with encouraging words by fans as well as a personalized jersey that had the number 94 (representing Sik-K’s birth year) and “Kwon Minsik” (Sik-K’s real name) written across the top.

The artists also showed their love and gratitude with fan service after the end of the concert, giving high fives as well as accepting fans’ requests to sign their albums.

All in all, the FL1P Tour was an amazing experience to be able to let out the hip-hop swag within you. Not to mention, the artist put his heart into communicating with the audience; it was certainly not a night to forget—both for the artist and his passionate fans.

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