Touch Your Heart: Does the Lee Dongwook—Yoo Inna Reunion Live up to the Hype?

Touch Your Heart: Does the Lee Dongwook—Yoo Inna Reunion Live up to the Hype?

Lee Dongwook’s love team with Yoo Inna became popular when the two gave life to the tragic love story of Wang Yeo and Kim Sun in Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. Although they were the second lead couple in the drama, their chemistry together won over K-Drama fans all over the world. This is why their reunion for TVN’s drama Touch Your Heart created a lot of expectations and anticipation from fans, but did it live up to the hype?

Touch Your Heart: Synopsis

Touch Your Heart tells the story of Oh Jinshim (Yoo Inna) who identifies by her stage name Oh Yoonseo. Oh Yoonseo is a struggling actress trying to get back in the limelight and regain her former place as a leading drama actress. She has not had any work for two years after a drug scandal tainted her reputation and clean public image.

Oh Yoonseo’s manager brings a script with him while visiting her, and she mistakenly thinks that it is meant for her. She is thrilled while reading the story premise and immediately wants to take the role. Since the script is not meant for her, Oh Yoonseo insists on meeting the scriptwriter to plead her case and get the role. Other actresses are unwilling to take the role because the drama includes an overseas shooting schedule. This proves to be advantageous for Oh Yoonseo as she is willing to go abroad whenever necessary.

The writer therefore agrees to let Oh Yoonseo have the role, provided she undergoes job training at a law firm to prepare for the role. At first, Oh Yoonseo is unwilling to go for training because she considers herself an elite actress, but her agency’s CEO and manager insist on it because it is the only way for her to come back successfully.

Eager to get back to her glorious days as a lead actress, Oh Yoonseo agrees to work as a secretary at Always Law Firm for a period of three months. Always Law Firm’s CEO, Yeon Joonkyu (Oh Jungse), is a huge fan of Oh Yoonseo and gladly welcomes her at the firm. He teams her up with his lead Attorney Kwon Jungrok (Lee Dongwook) which is how the two of them meet.

Kwon Jungrok is a serious and hardworking attorney who is dedicated to defending his clients and winning his cases. His curt nature makes him antisocial, hence hard to get along with. Kwon Jungrok takes an instant dislike to Oh Yoonseo due to her bubbly personality and regards her as someone out to have fun. They have a rocky start to their relationship, but as they continue to work together, their views about each other begin to change.

My Take

Although Touch Your Heart has a simple storyline, Lee Dongwook and Yoo Inna along with their supporting cast are able to make it worth watching.

When Kwon Jungrok and Oh Yoonseo first meet, they dislike each other immediately—mostly because of the misconceptions that they have about each other. They are, however, able to dismiss their initial judgements early enough for them to start liking each other.

Lee Dongwook and Yoo Inna have great chemistry together and are able to complement one another despite their characters’ different personalities. Kwon Jungrok is a dorky kind of man; although good looking, he doesn’t have much going for him except for his work. He has previously suffered from unrequited love and is not keen to notice the changes in his relationship with Oh Yoonseo, or Oh Jinshim as he prefers to call her.

Being a celebrity, Oh Yoonseo has an outgoing personality and is able to make Kwon Jungrok get out of his shell. This is evident when she is the first one to confess her feelings for him and also the first to initiate a kiss. It seems hard for Kwon Jungrok to express his affection for Oh Yoonseo at first, but she is able to guide him, and he steps up as the drama progresses.

Their cute moments together are a delight to watch, although they are not devoid of a little drama. The light mood in the drama is very different from Goblin, which is good since it wouldn’t help to see Touch Your Heart as an extension of Goblin. In conclusion, Touch Your Heart showed that Lee Dongwook and Yoo Inna as a team are able to bring relevance to a drama even with a simple setup. In my opinion, their team up definitely lived up to the hype, but was it the same for you?

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