Missha X LINE Friends Newest Collection Product Review

Missha X LINE Friends Newest Collection Product Review

Missha has collaborated with LINE Friends once again to release their newest fall/winter collection. All of the products come in unique, cute packaging that allows you to carry them in your makeup pouch without feeling embarrassed. Each product packaging comes with a special LINE Friends character bookmark that you can remove and use along with your makeup products.

Glow Tension Cushion

The Glow Tension Cushion comes in a cute, durable cushion case with the LINE character Choco on the front. It also comes with a cute Choco-themed cushion puff that goes perfectly with the foundation formula. The cushion comes in only three shades: 21, 22, and 23, so there are not many shades to choose from. Inside the cushion, there is a netted material covering the foundation, which helps create a semi-matte finish. The formula itself is light and moisturizing, perfect for an everyday foundation. The coverage is light to medium, but is definitely buildable to create a full coverage look. In terms of the ingredients in the formula, the foundation has five types of hyalution, adenosine, and collagen to provide moisture to the skin while making sure it looks flawless and glowing all day.

Glow Tension Cushion Score: 8.5/10


M Perfect Cover BB Cream

The M Perfect Cover BB Cream is quite similar to their previous BB cream. The high-coverage product comes in two colors, 21 and 23, but the formula is lightweight and comfortable to wear on the face all day. The formula is made from botanical essences, plant oils, and marine extracts, which are all rich in nutrients and replenish the skin instantly. Due to the natural ingredients in the BB cream, it creates a dewy finish which gives off a youthful and flawless look. Thanks to the full coverage of the product, it is able to cover dark circles, wrinkles, and pigmentations while leaving a smooth complexion.

M Perfect Cover BB Cream Score: 8/10


Velvet Like Color Stick

The Velvet Like Color Stick has a soft velvet texture just like its name as it glides nicely onto the face. They have three blush colors, one highlighter, and one contour color that come in super cute packaging with Choco on the front. The formula is made from mango seeds and avocado butter so that it can be applied nicely onto the face while providing moisture to the skin. Since it is a cream formula, the product lasts longer on the face compared to powder products. The color sticks give a natural color to your face, but the product is definitely buildable depending on how much you want on your face. Most importantly, the packaging itself is compact and cute, so it is perfect to carry around in your makeup pouch when you need to touch up your makeup.

Velvet Like Color Stick Score: 8/10


Color Filter Shadow Palette

The Color Filter Shadow Palette comes in two colors, No. 5 Shy Shy Brown and No. 6 Pitapatting Cony. They both come with natural colors that you can use for your daily makeup look. The palette is very versatile and has matte, glitter, and shimmer shadows to make your makeup look go from natural to glamour. Another use for this palette is using the eyeshadow as blush, which will definitely match your overall makeup look. The colors are quite pigmented on the eyes, but light enough for a natural look and also very buildable to create a more smoky look. Overall, the palette is compact enough to take when traveling and can create the perfect makeup look for any occasion.

Color Filter Shadow Palette Score: 9/10


Palette Liner & Liner Brush

The Palette Liner comes with a cute eyeliner brush and has three colors: black, brown, and brick brown. The eyeliner is waterproof as it is a gel liner, which is perfect for filling in the waterline. The formula itself is quite simple to use and comfortable on the eyes. Since the product is taken from a tube with a brush, it is more sanitary and creates a clean, defined eye look. The product also has minimal smudging as long as you let the liner dry before rubbing your eyes. Overall, the product is quite easy to use and perfect for any type of makeup look.

Palette Liner & Liner Brush Score: 7/10


Wish Stone Tint (Velvet and Water Gel)

The Wish Stone Tint comes in both velvet matte and water glossy formulas and comes in two colors, RD01 and BR01. The formula is made with honey extract, sunflower seed oil, and apricot seed oil. Due to all of the natural ingredients, it allows the product to protect and moisturize the lips compared to normal lip tints that are drier. For the velvet lip tint, the product is more pigmented and long-lasting. For the water gel tint, the product is lightweight and leaves a natural tint of color on the lips while keeping them moisturized. The best part about the lip tint is the cute packaging which comes with stickers to personalize your lip case to your preference.

Wish Stone Tint Score: 8.5/10


Super Aqua Perfect Cleansing Oil in Tissue

The Super Aqua Perfect Cleansing Oil in Tissue is quite moisturizing compared to other cleansing wipes. Since the product has a balance of oil and water, it does not strip your skin of its natural oils while removing the makeup. The tissue itself is also very gentle, and it is very easy to remove your makeup all at once. The formula contains various natural ingredients which include grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, lotus extract, argan oil, camellia oil, and green tea seed oil. Through these natural oils, the cleansing tissue keeps your skin moisturized while ensuring that all the impurities from wearing makeup all day long are removed from your pores. Cleansing tissues are good to have on hand when you don’t have time to remove your makeup, but oil-based cleansers are always the best for your skin.

Super Aqua Perfect Cleansing Oil in Tissue Score: 7.5/10


Love Secret Hand Cream

The Love Secret Hand Cream comes in four scents (Peach Cocktail, Cotton White, Wild Cherry, and Grapefruit) and each one contains different ingredients based on the scent. The natural ingredients that ensure your hands stay moisturized are meadowfoam seed oil and shea butter. The last ingredient depends on the scent, which includes peach extract, cotton extract, sweet cherry extract, and grapefruit extract. These extracts naturally give off their scent in the cream compared to other creams that use artificial ingredients for their scents. Most importantly, the hand cream is small enough to carry in your pouch so your hands can be moisturized whenever they feel dry.

Love Secret Hand Cream Score: 8.5/10


Overall, the collection was quite good and some products did surprise me. I instantly fell in love with the velvet lip tint and eyeshadow palette because of the colors and pigmentation. The cute packaging is definitely a bonus when purchasing their products, as they are so cute to carry around in your makeup pouch and show them off to other people. Please support Missha and LINE Friends and try their new collection!

Total Collection Score: 8.1/10

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