April Favorites

April Favorites

After a whirlwind of comebacks and debuts in March, April is a breath of fresh air in comparison, giving us a nice break from the frantic pace of the industry. There were still plenty of comebacks to get excited about, so here are some of our favorite April releases.


Favorite Song: “Violeta” - IZ*ONE

IZ*ONE always manages to make waves with their releases, and that is no different with the release of their first comeback, “Violeta.” The addicting beat has a different feel from “La Vie en Rose,” showing that the group is capable of exploring multiple musical genres but can still keep it interesting. “Violeta” has that upbeat EDM tempo with a slightly tropical house feel that makes for an infectious song all around. If you’re not yet on the IZ*ONE train, you’re definitely missing out on some of the best that K-Pop has to offer!


Favorite Album: TWICE - Fancy You

TWICE is a group known for dominating the K-Pop scene, but they’re also known for the quality of the albums that they release as well. Fancy You is full of bops, with all the B-sides having a different melodic component that makes them stand out from one another. The cohesive composition of the album in general makes it so that the first listen flows together perfectly. It’s no surprise coming from TWICE, but it’s a nice treat nonetheless.


Favorite Music Video: “Kill this Love” - BLACKPINK

As a huge fan of the girl crush and generally badass female trope, it’s no surprise that I’m super into BLACKPINK’s “Kill this Love” aesthetic. The video itself has some amazingly stunning scenes, some of which can be considered particularly deep, like Rosé’s solo shot where she’s looking to run down another version of herself, with tears streaming down her face. Plus, who doesn’t love Jennie looking like a real life Lara Croft from Tomb Raider? The aesthetics are both gorgeous and dark—a combination of my favorite things in a comeback.

Favorite Music Show Performance: “Dionysis” - BTS on M!Countdown

BTS’s comeback this month was hit or miss for many, but it’s impossible to deny the power behind the performance of “Dionysis.” The live performance of this track adds the X factor to the song, making the stage complete. The intensity of the chorus, especially, is matched by the choreography, which is sharp and fierce. It’s difficult not to find yourself mesmerized by this stage, even upon first viewing.


Favorite Drama: He Is Psychometric

As a fan of GOT7, I was definitely anticipating the release of Jinyoung’s first lead drama. Luckily, He Is Psychometric lives up to the hype. The drama blends together the genres of mystery, crime, comedy, and romance. One thing that the drama does so well is keep suspense surrounding one of the main characters going through the whole story, making it so you’re unsure of his true motives. Jinyoung’s character Ahn is also one of the most lovable characters around, and Shin Yeeun’s character is easy to empathize with. If you’re looking for a drama that does it all, you won’t find anything better around than He Is Psychometric.

May Comeback Roundup

May Comeback Roundup

MONSTA X’s I.M Teams up with Elhae on His New Track “Horizon”

MONSTA X’s I.M Teams up with Elhae on His New Track “Horizon”