We’re the Cool Kids on the Block

We’re the Cool Kids on the Block

Take a trip down memory lane back into the 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s—whenever your childhood took place. From the trendiest toys to the tastiest snacks, the broad range of time lends to a variety of unique memories to be stored in each individual’s heart. Over the years, the definition of one’s childhood story indeed developed a new notion with the world’s modernizing advancement.

Although society has a certain mold that is special to people’s cultures, the young people of this generation are going out and beyond, venturing into the world and becoming accustomed to whatever becomes the so-called trend. The adults of this generation, on the other hand, approach the trend with a different perspective. However, the differing viewpoints do end up at a point where they come together, and Cool Kids is the program that will bring together the adults and young people of this generation.

What is Cool Kids?

Broadcasted on JTBC, this program highlights the modern kids (“cool kids”) and their lifestyle. The show gives the audience an insight into the development of society throughout their lives. Cool Kids focuses on how each young individual in today’s society lives their day, and the cast experiences it firsthand. Many times, the members with the title “adults” in the cast encounter a specific lifestyle for the first time while the member with the title “modern kid” is not totally unaccustomed to the lifestyles present today.

The members have a choice in deciding on a lifestyle they wish to experience. Given two options, the cast makes a vote to visit a fan who sent a story in hopes of being chosen.

Introducing the Cast

The cast definitely plays a role in showcasing the program in an entertaining manner. With each of the distinct characters of the members coming together, the group’s chemistry enhances the quality of the show.


Yoo Jaesuk leads the other members of the cast with his prominent skills as the main MC of a countless number of other shows. The balance between his comedic actions and his genuine drive to make the program enjoyable proves the entertainer’s striking character in Cool Kids.

Kim Shinyoung is the only female member in the Cool Kids cast, and she certainly brings the mood up in an instant! Her boldness is portrayed well in the show as she experiences the lifestyles with her fellow members. Taking up the nickname “Lucia” (her actual Baptismal name), Kim Shinyoung never fails to make the cast, guests, and audience laugh out loud.

Ahn Jeonghwan is the second oldest member of Cool Kids, and his bluntness makes an impactful impression on the public. With his image of a heroic soccer player from the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Ahn Jeonghwan retains his pride as an athlete as well as showing off his witty side as an entertainer. His presence on Cool Kids undoubtedly makes it an enjoyable broadcast for the audience to watch.

Kwanghee, a recently added member, already makes his presence known in the show. Through other programs, he established his own image, associating with the words “paper doll” wherever he goes. His nickname also proves to be prevalent in Cool Kids as he shows his “paper doll” side through physical activities involved in the lifestyles. His honest comments and reactions throughout the show simply add to the chemistry between members as well as the program itself!

HAON is the youngest member of the cast, and he represents the modern kid, or so-called “cool kid” of this time. The winner of High School Rapper 2, he has already set an impression upon the public as a trendy hip-hop rapper with his songs that have topped the charts on numerous occasions. Breaking away from his charismatic image, HAON succeeds in revealing the innocent teen within him through Cool Kids. His adorable character certainly makes him fit for the maknae role in the show!

What to Look Forward to

The show’s purpose is to allow the cast as well as the audience to see how it is to live the life of another person. No matter what the lifestyle may consist of, the uniqueness is the key to opening up the opportunity for others to experience something new.

Clearly, the development of society throughout the years created a diverse spectrum in people’s lives. The modern world especially has a lot of differences from decades before when items that we call vintage and antique today were on trend back then. Regardless of the gap between people’s ages, one’s youth is the peak of their lifetime, and everyone's youth is relatable yet different in their own ways.

Likewise, Cool Kids creates a platform for people, regardless of age, to enjoy all the small things life gives. Give Cool Kids a try and see how you can experience the diversity of lifestyles for yourself!

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