EXID are Bold and Fresh in Charismatic “Me & You” Music Video

EXID are Bold and Fresh in Charismatic “Me & You” Music Video

2019 has been shaping up to be quite a strong year for girl groups. While we’re barely halfway through, girl groups have not only been releasing bops, but bops about leaving relationships that downgrade your self worth. EXID are the newest to join the mix.


Post-addictive track “I Love You,” EXID have finally returned with We, an EP emphasizing the bond of the girls as a group. Leading the EP is explosive title track “Me&You.” The song prances between R&B, moombahton and energetic dance melodies giving it the kick that EXID aim to deliver. The lyrics sing about leaving a relationship where the protagonist is receiving less than what they deserve, with zero regrets. Rather than choosing to go for slow and emotional track, the energetic beat gives the song it’s effortlessly confident vibe that EXID is so well known for.


Hani opens the song with sultry croons atop a smooth, unique melody filled with R&B vibes. With member LE’s power rap we venture into the moombahton trap beat that sets the tone for the rest of the song. Hyerin’s passionate pre-chorus is when the song builds up to the drop before the energetic chorus. We hear more of both Hani and Hyerin’s lower register as well as Solji’s falsetto, something that adds to the novelty of the track. Junghwa’s gentle vocals layer onto the beat perfectly and sprinkles that bit of spice we need in the song. The chorus packs a punch with it's strong bass and beat and chants of “me and you.” Lyrically, the song is pretty straightforward, with lyrics like “want you to go away” and “no me and you” and is delivered in the contrasting sweet manner, reminiscent of their style in “L.I.E.”


The music video adds to expressing the message of the song. We see the girls dressed in wedding dresses in the very beginning, however none of them seem happy at all. As the music video progresses, the emotions slowly escalate from sadness to anger until they finally reach a point of freedom and happiness at the end. The tones of red that stay constant throughout the video hint at danger—essentially that their partner should leave while they’re being nice about it. Towards the end we see the girls in bright, neon colors enjoying themselves with each other, with no hint of sadness about walking away from the relationship.

The next track on the album is tearjerker “We Are,” a track written by the members together for the fans. With lyrics like “we are unending” and “we are yours,” the girls bare their true feelings in this song for their fans and each other. The fact that the song was written by them together makes it even more special, and serves as both a confession and comfort for the fans.

“The Vibe” or “Don’t Spare Me,” a track about the back and forth between them and a non-committed partner, is a masterpiece of a track in all of it's R&B goodness. This is a genre in which Hani truly shines since it matches her timbre so well, and we get a taste of what her range truly has to offer. However, this track allows each member to truly shine and showcases just how well EXID adapt to different genres and manage to make it distinctly theirs.


“How You Doin” is a low-key dance track with a groovy rhythm. Under the upbeat tempo lies the sadness of reminiscing of a past relationship and wondering about a past lover. “Midnight” is the sugary sweet track all feel good dramas are made of; it is a groovy, lighthearted track that sings of spending the evening and night with a lover. The song feels like a newly explored genre for EXID, one that works well for their styles—Junghwa in particular. The repeated use of 밤, the Korean word for night, as vocal instrumentation adds a burst of freshness and is sure to stick in your head. Just when you thought “Lady” couldn’t get any better, the girls bring an urban mix version of the track on this album. Complete with horns and a groovy bass, the instrumentals, crisp and different lyric delivery elevate the vibe of the track. An instrumental of their title track concludes the album.

In the light of Hani and Junghwa leaving their label, many felt this may be the end of EXID. However, as assured by the members and their upcoming Japanese tour, their departure does not signify the end of the group whatsoever. With this album, EXID show us just what they’re capable and that they still have so much more to show us in the future. This definitely isn’t the end of EXID as we know them, and this album is definitely a step in the direction of an interesting musical future for the girls.

“Me & You” Title Track Score - 7/10

Music Video Score - 6/10

We Album Score - 8.5/10

Overall Score: 7/10

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