GOT7 Keeps Fans Spinning with Latest Album

GOT7 Keeps Fans Spinning with Latest Album

GOT7 has returned with a new album! With six brand new songs, GOT7’s latest EP, SPINNING TOP: BETWEEN SECURITY & INSECURITY, brings a colorful mix to their music library. To add in conjunction with their latest release, GOT7 is also kicking off their KEEP SPINNING world tour where they will be meeting fans across Asia, Europe, and the Americas.



  2. The End


  4. Believe

  5. Page

Title Track: ECLIPSE

GOT7 does not fail to bring another electrifying dance track that will get fans moving and grooving with “Eclipse.” The song kicks off with an R&B vibe that steadily builds up into a high-energy dance track that is reminiscent of their previous releases, “Lullaby” and “Never Ever.” It’s as if the members are pulling in listeners to take a deep dive into the song. There is a dark undertone to the song, which is fitting to the theme of an eclipse occurring in the music video. The underlying dark tones come out through the verses, but just as the light breaks through from the darkness of the eclipse, the song gives a lighter sound with the chorus.

The music video also highlights the theme of light and dark, as each member is showcased in their own dedicated set that plays around with shadows and lighting. This was done in order to accent the shift of an eclipse occurring throughout its different phases. While each member gets his own moment for their parts, the biggest highlight of the music video is the sleek and sharp choreography that GOT7 is known to effortlessly achieve. In particular the choreography for “Eclipse” is one of the most difficult and eye-catching choreographies that they have done to date. There is hope that GOT7 releases another music video that showcases the choreography for the entire title track.

The Album

As previously mentioned, the album is a colorful mix of songs for fans to enjoy. Ranging from slow R&B ballads to high-energy songs, GOT7 offers another mature sounding album as they continue to release a diverse set of sounds, still keeping within their signature GOT7 style. The members once again had a hand in the production of the album, with members Youngjae, Jinyoung, JB, and Bambam taking part in writing the lyrics for most of the album. GOT7 does not disappoint and offers yet again,another solid album. Picking a favorite song will be difficult. It should also be noted that when fans buy the physical version of the album, the instrumental for “Eclipse” is included.

Fans will surely be in for a treat for their upcoming 2019 tour as it is without doubt that they will perform these brand new songs off this latest EP. Congratulations to GOT7 on another successful comeback!

Title Track Score: 8.5/10

Music Video Score: 9/10

Album Score: 8.5/10

Overall Score: 8.6/10

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