Explore Hyun Bin’s Filmography with These Three Movies

Explore Hyun Bin’s Filmography with These Three Movies

Hyun Bin’s recent drama Memories of the Alhambra has reinforced him as one of the best actors in South Korea. He is not a new name in the industry and has done previous reputable works such as Secret Garden and Worlds Within. Hyun Bin has also had huge success on the big screen with his movies, banking big in the box office. Today we list some of Hyun Bin’s blockbuster movies that you can watch to explore more of his exceptional filmography.


Confidential Assignment

Confidential Assignment was released in 2017. It stars Hyun Bin alongside Kim Joohyuk and Yoo Haejin.

Im Cheolryung (Hyun Bin) is a North Korean officer who loses his wife during a siege. Im Cheolryung’s superior Cha Kiseong (Kim Joohyuk) is behind the attack in order to steal a master plate used to make counterfeit money. Cha Kiseong flees to South Korea and Im Cheolryung is tasked with the mission of arresting him and bringing back the master plate. The North Korean officials ask assistance from North Korea, but the government refuses to reveal the real reason why they are after Cha Kiseong.

When Im Cheolryung arrives in South Korea, he is taken under the wing of Detective Kang Jintae (Yoo Hajin). The detective is ordered to watch Im Cheolryung and derail his investigation, as South Korean intelligence try to find out why the North Koreans are looking for Cha Kiseong.

Hyun Bin teams up with Yoo Haejin, providing a good balance that offers many funny and exciting scenes. Their relationship with each other is plagued with mistrust, but they are eventually able to work as a team to catch the elusive Cha Kiseong. Hyun Bin’s stunt work in the movie is exceptional and is an additional bonus to viewers.



Rampant is a zombie period film released in 2018 starring Hyun Bin and Jang Donggun.

Rampant is set in the Joseon era during a time when the nation is under China’s Qing Dynasty. Lee Chung (Hyun Bin) is a prince of Joseon given to the Qing Dynasty as a political hostage, but must return to Joseon upon his brother’s death. His brother, who is the crown prince of Joseon, takes his own life after a conspiracy against him. His last request is for Lee Chung to take his wife and unborn child away from Joseon, where they are in danger.

Lee Chung however returns to Joseon to find his people under attack by zombies, referred to as “night demons” in the film. This is a ploy by the Minister of War Kim Jajoon (Jang Donggun). He plans to overthrow the current king and create a new Joseon that is free from Qing. With both the king and crown prince gone, Lee Chung has to take over the reins and save Joseon from a zombie invasion.

Hyun Bin gives Prince Lee Chung a charming and playful personality. Although he is carefree in the beginning, he is able to recognize his responsibility as the prince and do his duty for Joseon. Jang Donggun as the villain is a force that proves difficult to fight against, adding more thrill to the film.

Rampant is action packed and provides a fresh perspective with the use of zombies in a period setting. You will definitely love this film regardless of whether or not you are a fan of zombie-based films.


The Negotiation

The Negotiation is a film from 2018. It stars Hyun Bin in his first ever villain role alongside Son Yejin.

Min Taegu (Hyun Bin) is an illegal arms dealer out for revenge after the death of his sister. His sister is killed during a supposed “hostage” situation, so Min Taegu plots a revenge plan in order to expose the people behind it. Min Taegu kidnaps the police officer behind the staged hostage situation and asks for his junior Ha Chaeyon (Son Yejin) to act as the chief negotiator. The negotiation proceedings take a different turn as Min Taegu ends up exposing high-ranking government officials and their involvement in the scandal.

Son Yejin as the negotiator Ha Chaeyon is the embodiment of a strong woman making her mark in her field of expertise. She is admirable in that she refuses to be overpowered in a male-dominated profession. She is able to provide the voice of reason in a chaotic situation and eventually helps resolve the issue under dire circumstances.

Min Taegu is ruthless and scary, but has a charming side to him that is delightful to watch. He may be the “bad guy,” but through Hyun Bin’s portrayal, we are able to see that his actions are born from the love he had for his dead sister. Although Hyun Bin is not a typecast actor, his decision to take up a villain role proves that he can play any role successfully.

A North Korean officer, a prince of Joseon, and a criminal after revenge: these three roles all show different sides of Hyun Bin and tell endearing stories that you will love.

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