The Female Boss Style Inspo You’ve Been Looking For

The Female Boss Style Inspo You’ve Been Looking For

Korean dramas, much like their musical counterparts, have pretty much taken over the internet. From interesting plotlines to witty dialogue, they can be quite refreshing to watch, though any K-Drama regular can’t deny that fashion holds a role of the same importance as plot or dialogue. Fashion is used as a way to express character traits and makes a series all the more interesting and pleasing to watch. With strong female leads increasing in dramas, so does our bank of inspiration for workwear. While finding the perfect outfit for work may be hard or at times tedious, here are a few of the many female leads who’ve found the perfect balance between professionalism and casual chic.

Jung Somin

Actress Jung Somin is quite known for her demure, simple style both onscreen and off. Through the thrilling drama The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, both Jung Somin and Seo Inguk captured viewers from the very first episode for their onscreen chemistry and gripping plot. As an advertisement designer, her style follows her creative job and is a bit more casual and alternative. She shows us just how chic a loose-fitting formal shirt tucked into a pair of straight line trousers could look, a style that works for both workwear and a casual afternoon out.


Gong Hyojin

In many of her dramas, Gong Hyojin has made quite an impact on viewers with her independent, strong-willed characters. Along with fiery dialogues and firm opinions, her outfit choices quite often reflect her chic, confident personality. In the drama It’s Okay That’s Love, we see a whole variety of outfits that display her unique fashion sense that’s both casual and professional including everything from crisp, white shirts to chiffon dresses. In particular, a lace skirt paired with a casual shirt is an outfit that perfectly displays her effortlessly confident style.


Park Minyoung

Park Minyoung has been gaining quite a lot of attention lately with her memorable roles and palpable chemistry on screen. A part of what makes her roles so memorable are her chic and subtly feminine outfits. In the drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, she shows us how going for the same style doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive. Sometimes color block pencil skirts and chiffon blouses are really all you need to achieve the perfect classy office look.


Bae Suzy

While You Were Sleeping is a drama that captured viewers’ attention for its unique plot; however, it was also the natural ease with which veteran acts Bae Suzy and Lee Jongsuk carried their complex characters that made this drama so fresh. Helping her mother run a pork restaurant, Suzy’s style tends to be more on the efficient and comfortable side. With dressing for convenience, she still manages to carry an air of sophisticated elegance. This just goes to show how easy it is to create a smart, fashionable look with a simple blazer, shirt, and jeans. For those who find it hard to function in the mornings, this look is definitely for you.

The main takeaway from work fashion portrayed in dramas is that it really does not take much effort to create a look that is both casual and chic. In fact, all these items of clothing are something that every one of us own. Another important aspect is that a blazer can be a serious investment. You can use it to both dress up and dress down any look, and give any outfit your own twist. Which female boss’s outfit inspires you the most?

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