They Said Goodbye, but Where are 2NE1 Now?

They Said Goodbye, but Where are 2NE1 Now?

It’s 4:44 and there’s just one question on everyone’s minds: Where did 2NE1 go? Since their incredibly unexpected departure in 2017, with their final song “Goodbye,” the former members of the once legendary girl group 2NE1 have all found and forged different paths for themselves throughout the years they’ve been apart. The release of Park Bom’s second comeback as a solo artist, however, leaves both Blackjacks and casual fans alike to wonder what the rest of 2NE1 are up to today.



First up is the baddest female and former leader of 2NE1, Lee Chaerin! Although she is still signed to YG Entertainment, her only official solo release came in the form of the English release “No Better Feelin’”—an upbeat track featured on the soundtrack for My Little Pony: The Movie. For lack of better words, it definitely spreads the magic of friendship! CL also pursued acting, taking on a small Hollywood role within the 2018 film Mile 22. However, the movie wasn’t well-received by critics and landed only 22% on the “Tomatometer” within popular film review website Rotten Tomatoes.

CL’s first major performance post-disbandment came with none other than the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics of 2018, where she performed a remixed version of “The Baddest Female” alongside “I Am The Best” during the closing ceremony, with the latter being 2NE1’s signature track. With a spectacular light display, a fierce look in her eyes and the audience’s full attention, she really showed the world why she’s the baddest female. If you’ve yet to watch her performance, check it out below—It’ll be 5 minutes that you won’t regret!

Park Bom


She tells you don’t cry because it’s just you and I—Park Bom! The former vocalist of 2NE1 and former artist of YG Entertainment actually took a 2-year hiatus, during which she signed with D-Nation Entertainment in order to release her first solo album, and first solo track in five years. As a Bomshell myself, I didn’t know that spring was coming until the album hit me on March 13th—The day of the albums release. The album, named “Spring,” contains a trio of emotional, ballad-inspired bops that truly bring about the beauty and peace of spring, which is also the name of the title track featuring fellow former 2NE1 member, Park Sandara. Whether listening to them on a busy train or alone within the comfort of your bed, these songs are sure to catch you off-guard with their meaningful lyrics and equally soothing melodies. An article has already been written about the album, which I encourage you to check out here!

Alongside her first comeback as a solo artist under D-Nation Entertainment, she recently released a repackaged album named “Blue Rose,” containing two alternate versions of “Spring” alongside a new title track featuring Wheein from the popular girl group MAMAMOO. Both variations of her previous title track feature a new instrumental, however, the “ballad” version is a duet between Park Bom and her older sister Park Goeun, a renowned cellist. The new title track, named “4:44,” is definitely worthy of attention, with dreamy blue visuals to complement her soulful voice as she sings about a lover she once had. Although it is more pop-inspired than her previous title track, it is most certainly a song to invoke many emotions.



Up next is the self-proclaimed superwoman Gong Minzy! The famed lead dancer of 2NE1 actually left YG Entertainment several months before “Goodbye” was released, and therefore she didn’t participate in their final song, although a letter written to her by former leader CL served as an inspiration for the mellow track. This makes her last track with the group “Gotta Be You,” which was released in May of 2014—however, it definitely wasn’t the last song we’d hear from Minzy. In May of 2016, a month after leaving YG Entertainment, she signed with The Music Works and, while preparing for her first comeback under her new company, she released her first solo track “I Wanted To Love” several months before the release of her comeback as part of the soundtrack for The Rebel, a successful Korean drama that follows a Robin Hood-type character in the late 1400s.

In the April of 2017, it finally happened. Minzy released an extended play titled Minzy Work 01: Uno as her first solo album. It really is Minzy’s work, as she helped to write all 6 songs—Including the title track “Ninano,” which features rapper Flowsik. Upbeat and modern, the title track has great potential for raves and gym sessions alike, you should definitely check it out! The other songs are an odd variety of genres, with “Superwoman” completely contrasting “Ninano” as an inspiring yet calm track—This just makes listening to the entire extended play all the more important, as there’s bound to be one song that sticks with you. In the November of 2018, Minzy released an English single titled “All Of You Say,” however it went mostly unnoticed by almost every fan—With the lack of promotions being mostly to blame. Let’s just hope that Minzy Work 02 is just as jaw-dropping as the first!



Last but not least is the crush of many K-pop and K-drama fans alike, Park Sandara! Alongside CL, she renewed her contract under YG Entertainment as a solo artist, although she took a break from singing to focus on her acting career. This lead to Sandara starring as the main role in the film One Step as a woman that develops synesthesia following a car accident which causes her to lose all of her memories, with nothing but a mysterious melody connecting her to her past. She also featured as a host in Get It Beauty, alongside starring in an action film named 107th Night as a vampire, and the main character of the movie.

That isn’t to say that she stopped singing, though! In the December of 2017, she performed 2NE1’s most successful songs in concert, with bops as “Missing You,” their debut track “Fire,” and even an encore of “I Am The Best.” Backed up by 20 minutes of almost constant dancing and singing, it just really goes to show why 2NE1 deserved all of the fame it got—And why Dara deserves just as much, if not more! She also featured in Park Bom’s first solo comeback, scoring a rap in her title track “Spring” to the surprise of Blackjacks all over the world. The emotional ballad-inspired song almost makes you feel as if 2NE1 have finally come back home.

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