Become Entranced by the World of Band

Become Entranced by the World of Band

Just like any other genre, band music undoubtedly has a strong presence in the music industry. It’s not unusual to see bands dominating the charts nowadays, a byproduct of the surge of band music’s popularity. Now try to imagine watching a survival show—not like Produce 101 which aims to create an idol group—but instead one that is working towards the debut of a global band group. If you’re a fan of audition shows and open to all types of music, then Super Band is the perfect match for you.

What Exactly is Super Band?

It’s pretty obvious to figure out the main objective of this show with these keywords: global, debut, survival, band. Yes, the creation of a band team with a diverse range of musicality is in progress. But how are the individual contestants getting judged for their talent and improving skills?

For every round of competition, a certain number of frontmen are chosen for their distinctive presence and unique aura which they have displayed throughout the whole performance. The chosen frontmen have the privilege to choose their teammates and craft a successful stage in hopes of advancing until they reach the final round of the show. However, the most interesting yet important element to this competition is the song. From the most unexpected song choice such as a rock remix of a ballad to the release of a newly self-produced song about a chemical reaction, Super Band is ready to show it all.

In order to carry out his plan, the frontman has the chance to make a decision. As much as teammates are an essential point in determining victory, who will the frontman bring onto his team? All participants on the show are all given a “title,” or more like a position, based on what they believe to be their strongest skill. Violin, piano, bass, drums, guitar, producing, vocals—just to name them. The diversity of artists on the program is enough to make everyone wonder about what team combinations will show up. The unexpected bursts of chemistry and bromance between the contestants are enough for the audience to assume the energy given off on stage.

Wait, but whose opinion is valued and eventually reflected in this system of elimination? The five judges in charge of determining the wins and losses of our beloved teams are NELL’s Kim Jongwan, AKMU’s Suhyun, Yoon Jongshin, Joe Hahn, and Yoon Sang. Each and every panelist being a wonderfully skilled producer and/or vocalist, they stand as figures of inspiration and respect to the contestants, and their keen observations and critiques provide a chance for the participants to grow as artists. However, the judges’ opinions seem to clash often due to their contrasting impressions of the contestants’ stages (mostly due to personal preference). Nevertheless, it's not rare to get immersed into a song whether you like it or not since there are just some styles that naturally flow with you; after all, that's what makes music so powerful.

Once the judges vote for one of the two stages throughout the whole round, the winning team is given the joy of being free from becoming a possible candidate for elimination. Unfortunately, the individual artists from the losing teams become candidates for elimination.

What Sets Super Band Apart from Other Survivals?

Unlike the other survival shows that have previously been aired, Super Band opens up an opportunity for the public to become more accustomed to sounds that are traditional, modern, acoustic, and more; in other words, we are able to watch and listen to the variety of harmonizations of instruments or sounds that we might have never imagined before. For instance, have you ever thought about a violin or a cello being a part of a band performance? Well I certainly haven't, and this came to me as a pleasant, shocking experience when I first saw stages with these classical instruments.

The unpredictable musical arrangement set forward by each team is unbelievable (and gets even better every time). It definitely gives off a vibe that is different from idol survival shows, and I think that indescribable feeling is what attracts the viewers to this show.

A Personal Insight on the Show

As a fan of this Friday show, I've experienced a world that I would've never imagined. As a person who occasionally listens to band music, I had a preconception of the stages that were to be performed, expecting a strong vocal with the sound of a drum, guitar, and bass to support it. I then proved myself wrong on the first day, in the very first episode. Band music wasn't limited to heavy rock sound or a soft acoustic vibe; it’s just how the individuals interpret and portray the message of the song using resources to represent it. The way they utilize instruments or even unusual electronic devices contribute to making the stage more full.

Super Band is a show that breaks the standard perception of a band. It’s impressive to see how much the contestants are willing to break out of their comfort zones to attempt new styles of music by using different instruments, styling themselves according to their performance concept, and working with their teammates to produce and showcase their talents to the maximum. It’s not too late to tune in and see creative minds come together; make your Friday nights the best with JTBC’s Super Band.

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