Red Velvet Makes Summer Comeback With New EP!

Red Velvet Makes Summer Comeback With New EP!

Red Velvet has made their return with a new EP, joining many groups that have contributed to the vast number of releases this summer. Titled ‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 1, the album is centered around a carnival/amusement park theme that is high energy and fun. There are a total of six new songs from the girl group, with “Zimzalabim” as the featured track off of the EP. 


For this particular comeback, Red Velvet chose to go the “Red” route with “Zimzalabim.” Red Velvet takes on two types of categories for their music: “Red” is associated with the high-energy and upbeat tracks (i.e. “Power Up” & “Red Flavor”) while “Velvet” is more of the R&B, dark and ballad-type songs that take on a more sultry and darker theme. 

“Zimzalabim” falls into the “Red” category of music with is experimental and eclectic beat. It’s definitely a different take and sound from the girl group and initially can be overwhelming; it’s the type of song that will take a few listens in order to really get a feel for it. “Zimzalabim” takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride with the feeling of several different songs coming together to create this massive piece. While it is refreshing to get a different and unexpected type of sound and feel from Red Velvet, “Zimzalabim” will take some getting used to. One thing that is guaranteed is that the repeated “zimzalabim” phrase for the chorus is so catchy, listeners will catch themselves singing it over and over again. 

As the theme for the EP is centered around carnivals/amusement parks, the music video does not fail to bring this theme to life. Throughout the video, the ladies are seen riding a rollercoaster which passes through different scenes such as the ride that contains multiple swings, the spinning teacups and the house of mirrors. The video also relies heavily on CGI from the certain set pieces to the objects that are floating around in different scenes. Like in all Red Velvet music videos, they do not disappoint with also showcasing the choreography for “Zimzalabim,” as well as featuring the members in eclectic and unique fashion pieces. While this it does fall into classic Red Velvet style of music videos, there is something quite different and unique about it that gives the girl group a different edge that fans have not seen before. 

The Album

Despite “Zimzalabim” being a departure from the usual Red Velvet style, the ladies bring it back with the rest of the songs off the EP. “Sunny Side Up!” is the only song off the EP that slows down in tempo, serving as the perfect pool-side or chill summer song that fans can groove along to. Meanwhile “Milkshake” switches it up by incorporating a 90’s R&B/Pop feel to the song, giving it a sexy and sultry feel. Just be wary in that listening to the track may cause some hunger and cravings for a milkshake. “Bing Bing” in particular is the one song off of the EP that is for sure the staple song that is guaranteed to be a confidence booster. “Bing Bing” is heavily a rock-pop song, with emphasis on the bass and electric guitar. It’s not exactly your standard rock song, as Red Velvet adds the pop elements to make it more of a dance-heavy melody. However, it’s one of those songs that is must-play while getting ready for a fun night out with friends or just needing a song that will liven up any party. 

“Parade” is a song that can definitely come right out from a 90s video game, emphasized by the 8-bit beats that is laced throughout the song. It’s a song that is very reminiscent of their previous releases such as “Russian Roulette” and “Ice Cream Cake,” however not as heavily injected with the sugar pop sounds. Regardless, it’s another great song off the album that fans will appreciate. The last track off the EP is “LP,” which is considerably the most summer sounding song and hidden gem off the entire EP in its entirety. This feel-good song is perfect whether fans are sitting at the beach, sitting by the pool or just dreaming of the ideal vacation in a tropical location, highlighted by pop and jazz instrumentals. Get ready to pour the tropical drinks, cut the watermelon and have a great time with this mood-maker of a song. 

Red Velvet’s latest EP, is a solid album from the girl group. The album may take a couple of listens to really stick, but is nonetheless an enjoyable album. All fans will have to wait and see for what’s next in store for Red Velvet and see if they plan to release another “Red” album or a “Velvet” album. Currently the girl group is promoting “Zimzalabim,” so make sure to support Red Velvet by listening to their album on all streaming platforms. 

Music Video Rating: 7.5/10

Title Track Rating: 7.5/10 

Album Rating: 8.5/10

Overall Rating: 7.8/10

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