Dancing Queen Chungha is Here to Take You on With “Snapping”

Dancing Queen Chungha is Here to Take You on With “Snapping”

Reaching the milestone of two million views within the span of a day, solo artist Chungha makes a chart-topping comeback with her latest EP Flourishing



Following the success of her prior title track “Gotta Go,” Chungha seemed to have pursued a similar concept this time around as well—charismatic, alluring, and definitely mesmerizing. The singer’s powerful vocals act as the driving force in drawing the audience into the mysterious atmosphere as the hooky chorus, which repeats “I know” and “Snapping,” engraves the track into the listener’s head for the day. Steady build-up of the drum machine-backed rhythm with layers of audio effects enhance the flow of the song, furnishing an effortless weave of the artist’s voice into the melody. 

The visual appeal in this music video really busted all levels of bars and expectations. Color usage was not necessarily limited to match a specific color scheme, but it seems that at times, certain shades took an eye-catching presence when paired with a dominant color. 

The group choreography scene near the beginning of the video, for instance, generally consists of the color white. Black accessories and different shades of hair only add on to emphasize the pure shade of white presented through clothing and the background scene; however, the strip of aesthetic blue in the background tends to pop out more than it normally does, thanks to the clean background setting.

Bringing the palette into experimentation, other scenes provide a pleasing combination of various colors within the video.

The viewer should also look out for the starkly distinct characters that Chungha portrays throughout the film. From gorgeous to charming to mysterious, she manages to own every adjective out there—but even then, her girl crush image still lives on. 

Overall, the composition of the video accentuated the element of dance without a doubt. Chungha performs a duet with a male dancer as well as group scenes, and anyone will be able to tell why she is considered as one of the most talented dancers in the K-Pop scene. 

Furthermore, the appropriate editing effects such as cropping the frame to highlight the escalation towards the song’s climax and smooth camera work simply enriched the viewer’s experience with the film, adding the final touch to bring the “Snapping” music video to completion.

Getting Ready to Flourish with Fourth Mini-Album


The soloist’s latest release garnered a wide variety of reactions, but by far, it occurs to me that many global fans as well as domestic fans are raving over the tracks as a whole. With no further ado, let’s dive in to explore the treasures of Flourishing

To simply get straight to the point, “Chica” is the catchiest song in the album—well, at least for me. In the Latin pop-influenced track, the artist sings to encourage females to show the world what they got. The title “Chica” is the Spanish equivalent to the word “girl.” Chungha steps up to plant courage in the hearts of the chicas all around the world. Not going to lie, the chorus repeating “Chica” is definitely going to be stuck on repeat in my head for the next few days; it’s just that good!

A bit of a twist from the exciting atmosphere of “Chica,” “Young In Love” (“우리가 즐거워”) exhibits the heart-fluttering emotions of young love. The lyrics narrate the smallest moments of happiness that one can experience while spending time with a loved one. Chungha’s sweet voice complements the lighthearted B-side as she asks for this love to last for eternity.

Undoubtedly, “Call In Love” serves a different range of emotion from the first two tracks. Reflecting back upon the times when a loving relationship was in existence, the regret and sorrow of failing to show enough appreciation is directly delivered to the listener. The song emphasizes the saddened heart of one, attracting the listener to the singer’s melodious voice that serve to be a compatible match with the soft melody line and instrumentals.

Unlike the previous tracks, “Flourishing” is a song that has lyrics completely written in English. Chungha communicates her confidence by telling the public that she is going to live as her own unique self. Rather than formulating a set image for herself, the young artist is determined to do everything she loves to achieve her long-term goal. This B-side leaves an impactful impression behind with the lyrics “I know, I know / Gonna sing  my heart out / I know, I know / Ain’t no turning back, no…. Keep it flourishing,” 

Chungha’s latest album represents the artist herself in parallel with the definition of her album title. Flourishing signifies the singer’s growth throughout her musician career and earns her the title as the epitome of confidence. As a figure of inspiration admired by many, Chungha is more than ready to impress fans with Flourishing and future releases to come.

Flourishing Album Score: 9/10

“Snapping” Title Score: 9.5/10

“Snapping” Music Video Score: 9/10

Total Score: 9.16/10

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