The Best of Action K-Dramas with a Dose of Romance

The Best of Action K-Dramas with a Dose of Romance

Action K-Dramas are the best in which to immerse yourself, with interesting plots doused with thrill and mystery. These K-Dramas do not solely focus on the romantic relationship between the lead characters but still give viewers a dose of enchanting romance within the chaotic and exhilarating fight scenes.

If you are a fan of the romance genre and are skeptical of venturing into action K-Dramas, the following shows will make you change your mind.


Healer is a 2015 drama starring Ji Changwook, Park Minyoung, and Yoo Jitae.

The drama follows the exciting life of an illegal night courier Seo Junghoo (Ji Changwook) who goes by the alias Healer. His ultimate goal is to save enough money to buy an island and live a quiet life. Things change, however, when Kim Moonho (Yoo Jitae) hires Junghoo to protect a reporter named Chae Youngshin (Park Minyoung). Junghoo uses a fake identity to get hired at Youngshin’s company in order to protect her. Junghoo ends up developing a special affection for Youngshin as her junior at work and her anonymous protector. The two end up developing a deep connection as they strive to uncover their dark pasts and overcome the powerful people set on silencing them. 

Healer is the best blend of action and romance: between Junghoo’s exceptional stunts and his desire to protect Youngshin, you will not be deprived of either.  

Lawless Lawyer

Lawless Lawyer is a 2018 drama starring Lee Joongi, Seo Yeji, Lee Hyeyoung, and Choi Minsoo. It follows the story of Bong Sangpil (Lee Joongi), a lawyer set on avenging the death of his mother. He returns to his hometown after earning his law degree to establish a law firm in order to take down senior judge Cha Moonsook (Lee Hyeyoung) and her henchman Ahn Ohjoo (Choi Minsoo), the people behind his mother’s murder. He hires fellow lawyer Ha Jaeyi (Seo Yeji) to help him carry out his plans.

Although Sangpil’s plan is to use the law, he also uses his fists to find a solution where the law might not work. This makes for exciting fight scenes, which makes the drama extremely fun to watch. Sangpil and Yeji are hostile towards each other in the beginning, but their regards change when they realize that they are facing a common enemy. From then on, they join forces to take down Moonsook and, as a result, their love for each other helps strengthen their resolve. This gives viewers a much-needed dose of romance within all the scheming and chaos. 

Memories of the Alhambra

Memories of the Alhambra is a 2018 drama starring Hyun Bin, Park Shinhye, and Park Chanyeol. The drama is about Yoo Jinwoo (Hyun Bin), the CEO of an investment company that develops games. He gets a call from Jung Seju (Park Chanyeol), a programmer who has developed an exceptional Augmented Reality (AR) game and wants to sell it. Jinwoo is impressed and eager to buy the game, but Seju suddenly goes missing. To avoid losing out the game to his rival, Jinwoo makes a deal with Jung Heju (Park Shinhye), Seju’s sister instead. Unfortunately, something unexpected happens in the game forcing Jinwoo to go on a quest to find Seju to fix the problem. Through this, he comes into constant contact with Heju, and the two of them develop an affection for each other.

The drama is more sci-fi and fantasy than true action, but it still incorporates some exciting fighting scenes as Jinwoo battles his “enemies” in the AR game. His relationship with Heju has an unconventional development with Jinwoo going through a divorce and focusing more on playing the game. This, however, makes it interesting to watch as they eventually fall for each other and work together to fix the game and find Seju. 

The K2

The K2 is a 2016 drama which also stars Ji Changwook. Im Yoonah, Song Yoonah, and Jo Sungha are also part of the main cast. Kim Jeha (Ji Changwook) is a former mercenary soldier on the run after he is blamed for the murder of Raniya, an Iraqi civilian and his former lover. He returns to Korea to live a quiet life but unfortunately meets Choi Yoojin (Song Yoonah), the wife of presidential candidate Jang Sejoon (Jo Sungha). Yoojin is set on killing him after he witnesses a situation that might harm her husband’s chances of becoming president. Jeha confronts Yoojin and ends up saving her life, earning her admiration. She therefore hires him to work for her security company under the codename K2 and assigns him to watch over her husband’s illegitimate daughter Go Anna (Im Yoonah). K2 finds Anna innocent and vulnerable and ends up falling for her through his efforts to protect her from Yoojin’s cruelty.

The K2 is action packed and feels more like a long action movie. There are no dull moments as Ji Changwook shows off his exceptional fighting skills at every possible opportunity. Jeha’s affection for Anna is evident from the beginning, but what makes the drama interesting is his involvement with Yoojin who also harbors special feelings and admiration for K2.

With these action K-Dramas, viewers are guaranteed a thrilling and emotional ride. Which are your favorite action K-Dramas?

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