Chill Out with the Great Escape Series

Chill Out with the Great Escape Series

It’s time to admit that summer is here; after all, it’s the season when everyone posts on social media about whether they leave the country, visit a local boba shop, or hang out with close friends. 

But at the end of the day, the epitome of summer is catching up on your long list of “I should watch when I have time” shows. If you’re the type to binge-watch past shows, you’re in for a treat, especially if you happen to be a fan of the suspense genre. tvN’s escape room variety show series Great Escape Season 1 and Season 2 is up and ready to entertain you for the summer.

Short Summary of Great Escape

This series is built on the core idea of implementing an escape room scheme, and this fact can easily be inferred from the title of the program itself. While the escape room featured on the show initially shocked many viewers with its large-scale production and unexpected plot twists, Great Escape succeeded in achieving its main objective. Granting the audience an opportunity to immerse themselves into the scene, viewers were able to experience the same emotions and follow through the cast members’ thought processes in solving riddles and problems, allowing for a broader range of audience engagement during the course of Great Escape’s broadcasting.

The different concepts portrayed in the episodes of both seasons are definitely not lighthearted or heartwarming. In fact, they’re quite the opposite. Starting with the dark and dimly lit hallways in a science lab to a gruesome-looking abandoned hospital, the production team really put all their effort into creating the ideal setting for a chilling escape mission. 

From a personal standpoint, it seems like the suspenseful element is the key point in grabbing the viewer’s attention. The tension in the atmosphere makes it hard for many to quit watching the show without knowing the ending. Thus, simple curiosity eventually overpowers blooming fear, and you end up drawing the audience’s attention for the whole airing of an episode.

Meet the Cast

Although the principal content of the program plays an important role in appealing to the public, the cast members, who take the part of bringing the content to life, are also extremely essential in determining the success rate of all variety shows. Throughout the whole Great Escape series, the lineup has not changed. This consistency, in a way, has helped mold a unique identity for Great Escape. The chemistry between the participants is undoubtedly one of the strongest traits of this show; the contrast in character of each member means many of them often complement each other, enhancing each and every individual’s charms.


Kang Hodong, one of South Korea’s most famous entertainers, marks his position as a central member in the Great Escape cast. Known for his distinctively powerful and energetic way of leading programs as the main MC, Kang Hodong does not fail to show his leadership skills and lively persona throughout the episodes. At times, however, natural instincts such as fear inevitably stand in the way of continuing on with the escape room quests. This reveals an unexpected quality to the man who many deem as being tough, and it may lead to an altered view of the entertainer (some may even consider his polar sides as a new charming point!).

A well-known singer and entertainer, Kim Jongmin joins to solve the mysterious escape room missions along with his fellow castmates. Kim Jongmin left a lasting imprint on the public with his somewhat dull-witted character on KBS’s 2 Days & 1 Night. In Great Escape, however, the singer shows off unexpected sides that differ strikingly from his prior image, as his “sudden genius” qualities pop up once in a while; from solving difficult riddles to helping the team with hints that evolve into big clues leading to their escape, there’s definitely a chance for the celebrity to add on some impressive traits to his public image.

Yoo Byungjae is definitely a chief figure in propelling the team’s progress toward success. His role can be considered as the “brain” of the group, and his contribution to solving the answers and reaching a logical conclusion accordingly is obviously significant. Aside from that, Yoo Byungjae never fails to entertain the audience and other members with his blunt, yet amusing responses to the events he faces. 

SUPER JUNIOR’s Shindong adds onto the comical, yet intellectual aspect of the show. His witty remarks simply intensify the chemistry between the cast members, a component that improves the quality of the program even more. With his collaborative teamwork with Yoo Byungjae, Shindong also takes on the title as one of the team’s “brains,” amplifying anticipation for his performance in the show. 

Kim Donghyun is out and about to show his true form to the public. Throughout the past seasons of Great Escape, he overrode his strong image as a UFC fighter in an instant. His fears dominating his conscious mind, Kim Donghyun often, if not mostly, displayed his scaredy-cat side, grabbing the interest of many with this huge difference in character. Despite his pride as a tough fighter, it is common to see Great Escape’s Kim Donghyun following his emotions rather than upholding his powerful image. His soft nature, nevertheless, allows the public to feel compassionate and empathetic, relating to his reactions to the given situations.

Last but not least, Block B’s P.O. brightens up the team with his lovely personality and fresh character. As the youngest of all the members, P.O. receives the most love from the older participants. His motivation to support his fellow teammates and his goal of escaping drives him to work hard and help others around him; luckily, his work comes in handy at important times, paving the way for possible success. Overall, P.O’s giving attitude really draws a lot of attention to his sincerity and innocence; the chemistry with the adored P.O. and the rest of the team is definitely a point to watch out for!

Needless to say, the elements of the Great Escape, from the cast to the core content, are amazing. It’s exciting to see a large scale escape room happening right before you; plus, it can even be satisfying if you’re too lazy to go experience an escape room firsthand. Now that summer is here and getting chilly is the best way to beat the heat, make yourself comfortable watching the thrilling, yet entertaining Great Escape Season 1 and Season 2 (sit tight until the next season broadcasts in 2020!).

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