CIX Breaks into the Scene with Debut Track “Movie Star”

CIX Breaks into the Scene with Debut Track “Movie Star”

Rookie group CIX officially introduced themselves to the public with their first EP Hello Chapter 1 [Hello, Stranger]. With three of the five members already known by fans prior to their debut (former YG Entertainment trainees Byounggon, or BX, and Seunghun and former WANNA ONE member Bae Jinyoung), it’s been an awfully long wait for the team to step into the industry. Joined by members Yonghee and Hyunsuk, the boy group CIX (meaning Complete in X) is finally ready to start their journey.

“Movie Star”

Fully utilizing the title of the main track, “Movie Star” proceeds with a subtle sequence of sounds resembling an analog film projector. With enhanced sound effects accentuating the rhythm in the background, Bae Jinyoung’s charming vocals instantly secure the listener’s attention. Hyunsuk’s soothing voice soon makes a 180-degree change as he alternates from a melodious vocal to emitting his captivating energy as a rapper. In a mellow tone, Yonghee augments the anticipation towards the chorus as Seunghun’s refreshing voice finally brings us to the long-awaited segment. The chorus is pretty catchy, especially with the repetition of the lyrics “Movie Star” and the camera shutter sound effect, making a gradual imprint on my mind despite only listening to the track once. The melody line fits under my personal standards of “easy to sing along” with its distinctive flow composed of an elaborate blend of musical sounds and the arrangement of notes that aren’t as strenuous on your vocal cords (but you know it’s a different story when you’re not the best singer alive). BX’s charismatic rapping comes into play right around the middle, intensifying the mood of the track and giving a fresh rapper vibe in the midst of the team’s vocals. 

This track appears to be a good kick-off for the group’s debut song with pretty fair line distributions. It seems that the instrumental isn’t too heavily focused on accumulating and mixing a handful of variable sounds, allowing us to follow through with the members’ voices to a decent measure. The hook is effective in drawing the listener in, and the overall build up of the track keeps them entertained until the end. 

The first few frames of the video are quite impressive. The lighting reflects an enchanting atmosphere, arousing the viewer’s curiosity of the video’s progression. It’s also hard to miss the prop that depicts a cinema receipt, as it provides another connection to link back to the title “Movie Star.” The film includes a few noticeable components such as lighting techniques, alteration between solo and group shots, and special effects such as reverse or slow motion. The solo scenes are doing their job, highlighting and showcasing the different charming points that set each member apart.

Transitions from group scenes to individual scenes are smooth, allowing the viewer to put full focus on the subject in the frame. The camerawork often executes a number of different perspectives whether it features the main figure(s) horizontally or vertically, and the diversity of viewpoints give fans a fresher outlook on a cinematic level.

The choreography of “Movie Star” is featured with rhythmical phases of lighting; using colors such as red and white for the lights, the members’ black outfits serve as the centerpiece of the mysterious yet semi-dark concept of the title track.

The First EP


Along with the title song, CIX’s EP Hello Chapter 1 [Hello, Stranger] consists of four other tracks. As much as this album is responsible for the group’s first impression on the public, it is exciting to see how the team chose to compile their undisclosed skills into five tracks.

Placed as the first song of the album, “What You Wanted” is composed of a heavier beat, but hype-worthy nonetheless. Each member’s voice really complements the melody as the bass line steadily carries the track forward. The song doesn’t necessarily scream out excitement, but I would say it’s rather hard to resist the heightening excitement as the addictive flow of the song takes you to another level. The lyrics develop a mystifying mood, definitely compatible with the overall concept of the album.

“Like It That Way” implements a tropical vibe, adding a spice of rhythm that keeps an upbeat bounce to the track while making sure the members unleash their full potential through their voices. In general, the track is alluring; the beat makes the listener feel a sense of relaxation. It’s the type of song I would listen to on a road trip as it has a good balance of not being an over-the-top party song but enough to hype up the mood.

To start off, “Imagine” definitely makes the atmosphere brighter than the previous tracks. The lighthearted mood reflects the lyrics as CIX conveys excitement and underlying fear of approaching the unknown. Whether the unknown may be related to how the group’s role will impact the K-Pop industry in the future or what may occur on their journey with fans throughout their career, the five members communicate their anticipation of imagining what is to come. The beat is undeniably a crucial element that brings the song to life—it holds a strong tempo that other musical elements can build upon and enhances the harmonizations of voices present throughout the course of the song. 

“The One” concludes the album, making one feel all warm and fuzzy. Going along with the lines of “Like that starlight in the night sky / You who shone on my dark self / Now I will protect you forever / My One,” the lyrics illustrate a sweet promise. Perhaps this song consists of the message that the group wishes to communicate to their fans after their long-awaited debut. But regardless of the true meaning behind the lyrics, the track embraces fans’ hearts with the honeyed, soft voices of CIX members.

Hello Chapter 1 [Hello, Stranger] is a great introduction to the rookie group. The album has a definite style that indicates CIX’s unique musical color, and I believe there’s a broader range to the group’s musicality. With more to come, it’s pretty exciting to say that I’ll be looking forward to what CIX has in store for their future promotions.

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