IGOT7 Show Their Love for GOT7 at BUILD Series NYC

IGOT7 Show Their Love for GOT7 at BUILD Series NYC

All photos : Noam Galai/BUILD Series

In the midst of their 2019 KEEP SPINNING World Tour, GOT7 stopped by BUILD NYC for a chat with Jeff Benjamin about their newest release, SpinningTop: Between Security & Insecurity. Prior to joining IGOT7 at BUILD, the group was just at the Today Show as the first K-Pop group to do the honors. Fans reportedly lined up overnight at 30 Rock for a chance to see the group perform a one-time exclusive English version of their title song “Eclipse.” The members then explained at BUILD that the English version was a special stage for the Today Show, with BamBam teasing that maybe, just maybe, they might do it again for another special occasion.


IGOT7 at BUILD did not disappoint! Hours before the group was scheduled to be on location, fans took over the block with their lightsticks, banners, gifts, and loud―incredibly loud―screams. The vibe at BUILD that afternoon was chaotic, to say the least. Before GOT7, Vlog Squad’s David Dobrik was being interviewed. One of the biggest names on YouTube followed by one of the biggest names in K-Pop, both with extremely dedicated, young fanbases? Only BUILD could handle that. Needless to say (and no offense to David!), that frantic crowd was GOT7’s. As lovely and talented as the GOT7 members were, this interview’s highlight was definitely their energetic fans.


Everything happened faster than a fan’s heart could handle. The music video for “Eclipse” had barely begun and the members were already walking out in the dark studio to greet their fans and interviewer. We were distracted here at The Kraze and barely understood what the screams were for. Though having been at BUILD before and knowing artists usually come out during the video, nothing could have prepared us for IGOT7’s screams. As the members were sitting down, lights still out, fans were quick to compliment them. After a few tries, one persistent IGOT7 made sure BamBam knew how good he looked that day. Once the lights were on, everyone was ready to scream again, though on cue this time.

The members were smiling from ear to ear, looking around and taking in the packed studio, as everyone was there to see them. They greeted fans with smiles and waves as they were introduced. Once given the floor, the members took turns introducing themselves and the interview kicked off. Mark, Jackson, and BamBam served as translators (though let’s be honest―it was mostly Mark). Sitting next to leader JB, the rapper did his best to translate long, detailed answers about the production of the song and choreography. Yugyeom, BamBam, JB, and Mark took control of the interview, both literally sitting in front while Youngjae, Jackson, and Jinyoung sat in higher chairs in the back, though they did their part to answer most of the questions. To be fair, whenever Jackson tried answering a question or translating an answer he was overwhelmed by IGOT7 screaming his name both inside and outside the studio.


JB shared a bit about the feelings associated with producing this album. He assured fans and viewers that JYP loved what they were coming up with, but pushing for perfection, “Eclipse” ended up having fifteen different versions floating around before they settled on the final one. When asked if the public would ever get to hear any of them, JB laughed and reassured fans they have the best version already. The choreography was also just as important as the song in relation to this comeback. With maknae Yugyeom contributing a few moves, the complex choreography is definitely one you can’t miss. The member explained that, to him, working on this choreography was important, and that it only worked if every member was there to do it together. Intertwining arms and holding hands, “Eclipse” was made by and for GOT7 to perform as one solid unit.

The group was also asked about the differences between recording songs produced by their fellow members and being given music by other producers. This time, we saw two different sides of the coin. JB answered that there isn’t much of a difference since, ultimately, GOT7 is working together to make the song the best it can be. Yugyeom, on the other hand, said that it is actually very different. He explained his answer by noting that when members produce their releases, they know each other’s strongest attributes and work the song around them. Ultimately, the group agreed that both answers were correct.


In addition to answering questions from fans in the crowd, GOT7 also watched two testimonials from IGOT7s who couldn’t be there. Both videos shared messages of support and gratitude toward the group, with the fans telling their stories about how GOT7 helped them with their own insecurities. They shared with the group that while they worry about them, they are there for GOT7 just as much as GOT7 is there for them. The members were touched, giving each video their undivided attention and thanking IGOT7 for the warm messages and support. The second the interview was over, IGOT7 were quick to shout out their goodbyes with supportive messages and lots of love. Without a doubt, NYC’s IGOT7 brought their A-game and showed their love like no other.

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