ITZY’s Out and About to Make Your Hot Summer “ICY”

ITZY’s Out and About to Make Your Hot Summer “ICY”

Living up to their monster rookie titles, ITZY has been sweeping through the domestic and international charts with their first comeback “ICY.” Following the success of their catchy debut track “DALLA DALLA,” the group has been gaining a lot of recognition for their well-rounded members and girl crush charms.



Talk about a catchy intro—“ICY” will top anything else you have in mind. Yeji’s “Hey hey hey” signals the beginning of the track, captivating the listener as the song soon progresses into a  composition of rhythms building an upbeat tempo. Lia heightens the bright atmosphere as her “beep beep” transitions over to Ryujin’s series of “Hey”s that assemble the buildup to Yuna’s iconic line “I see that I’m icy.” The demonstration of this play on words enhances the cool summer vibe, conveying a sense of freshness in the midst of a hot summer day. Chaeryeong brings back the buildup to the iconic line once again as Lia performs her distinct version of “I see that I’m icy.”


From a personal standpoint, this track radiates a similar vibe to the group’s debut title “DALLA DALLA” in terms of the overall concept and the atmosphere of the song. Whether it be through the lyrics or the choreography, ITZY always finds a way to display their confidence. Speaking out to the crowd and emphasizing their unique identity, the five girls encourage fans to stand tall and be proud of who they are.

Despite the title of the song embodying the group’s rather “cold” aura, they release their inner passion, expressing the epitome of self love and prioritizing themselves over anyone else as they sing “Faster faster run faster / Don’t care what they say / Because I know the answer myself.” 

The most impactful element in the music video is undoubtedly the use of graphics. The colorful graphics highlight the summery vibe of the track, focusing the viewer’s attention on the vibrant color scheme presented in the background. Taking in the scenery of Los Angeles to the fullest, the film portrays the variable aspects the city has to offer. From the busy streets to a local supermarket, the graphic texts add a quirky yet wild effect, proving the dynamics between the members’ girl crush charms and the carefree mood of the video to be a good indicator of the track’s positive concept.

Throughout the film, each member is the center of attention, drawing people’s focus to them; parallel to the lyrics of the track, every member of ITZY deals with judging looks without giving a single glance back to them. Once again, these scenes reinforce the core idea of passion and confidence that stands central to the album.

The choreography is an especially noteworthy segment in this music video. Already known for their outstanding dancing skills, ITZY surprises fans with even more challenging choreography. Starting from the group scenes, the sharp movements bring the audience to full attention as the dynamic camera work strengthens the energetic mood of the dance moves. Thankfully, I felt like the music video did justice in demonstrating the dance break; the power of each move and the synchronization of all members simply augment the feeling of awe as the viewer watches ITZY’s carefree spirit invite them on the journey to find self-confidence.


First Comeback With IT’z ICY

Aside from the title track “ICY,” ITZY’s newest release includes four other songs to further showcase the rookie group’s diverse characters.

“CHERRY” incorporates a darker sound that certainly enhances the group’s girl crush charms. With the deep set of bassline beats instantly binding together with the melodious vocals, the track sets off on a mysterious and charismatic note. The bridge builds upon a soft, dreamy atmosphere which makes a 180-degree change at the chorus; the chorus exhibits the melodic rhythm of the song, giving the track a hip-hop vibe as the dynamic and heavy bass sounds tie the track together.

“IT’z SUMMER” sounds extremely dynamic and playful in terms of musicality. The repetition of the lyrics “It’s my summer” makes it hard for the listener to forget the song after one listen. Just as the lyrics suggest, this track seems to be the perfect type of song to turn on at summer parties or beach trips! It’s also not hard to miss the sound of a video rewinding as it appears quite a few times throughout the track—for me, the sound effect creates a nostalgic summer vibe that symbolizes fleeting youth.

“DALLA DALLA (DallasK Remix)” embraces a more complex set of genres; ranging from EDM, house, and even hip-hop, the different arrangements present a sound that challenges the team to attempt a contrasting style to that of their previous title track.

“WANT IT? (Imad Royal Remix)” focuses on exhibiting ITZY’s powerful attitude more than anything else. As much as the lyrics stress having fun together, the team’s chanting complements ITZY’s energetic color, giving them an easygoing image.

With a substantial fanbase, ITZY is on the rise, breaking records and reaching new heights. Personally, I felt this album didn’t exhibit the full potential of each individual as much as I would have hoped. The title song might be hard to love upon first listen, but the chorus and hook will end up roaming in your head before you know it. Still, ITZY’s image as a group is definitely one of a kind, and this comeback served this concept right.

IT’z ICY  Album Score: 8/10

“ICY” Title Score: 7.5/10

“ICY” Music Video Score: 9/10

Total Score: 8.16/10

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