Diving Into the Crime Scene With Urban Cops: KCSI

Diving Into the Crime Scene With Urban Cops: KCSI

Various dramas have been incorporating characters and scenes related to procedural forensics crime investigation institutions, heightening suspense with the uncovering of important evidence that brings a turning point to the plot. But after all, dramas aren’t the perfect representation of reality, so it’s pretty hard to gain an insight on the kind of lifestyle a real CSI technician would live.

Urban Cops: KCSI is here to relieve most, if not all, of your curiosity. From the long yet crucial working process in the office to scouring crime scenes to discover traces of the faintest details such as fingerprints, the cast members of MBC Every1’s reality program relay their vivid experiences as they carry out official duties with the Korean forensics team.

Background Check

Rural Police, a series with four seasons, first introduced the concept of celebrities providing viewers with the true lifestyle of a police in the rural countryside. Taking a step further, the production team started a new series that instead highlighted the life of a police in the busy city of Seoul. The first season of Urban Cops displayed the cast members’ experience in a police force, highlighting the differences of the police officers working in a rural area in comparison to a metropolitan region. Coming back with a second season of Urban Cops, the production team filmed the newest episodes in an extra-special environment. If the first season showcased the life of a local police, the second season expresses the life of a team member in a crime investigation force, showing moments of solving mysterious cases with persistence and cautiousness. KCSI, although mentioned at times by the general public, is not a common experience and has yet to be thoroughly revealed to people in the sense of displaying the processes and tasks needed to be executed for the forensics unit system to run smoothly. 

The main objective of this program is to give viewers an opportunity to experience a day in the life of a crime scene investigator. A job that requires a lot of commitment and diligence, it is not easy to interact with such workers on a regular basis. But by sharing the responsibilities and struggles of a member in the somewhat secluded career path, the Urban Cops: KCSI team presents a chance to the audience members to become interested in getting to know more about this occupation in terms of its purpose of existence and the ways it affects society.

The cast joins the Forensic Investigation Unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. This agency, consisting of a team of police forensic evidence investigation experts, is designed to investigate crime scenes, collect evidence, and track possible answers to reveal the truth of the site, whether it may be one of a violent fight, accident, or robbery.

Introduction to the Cast

To successfully fulfill the rigorous yet interesting position of a forensics investigator, four passionate and dedicated actors are actively taking a major part in the show. Let’s take a look at the unique cast members who capture the audience’s attention.


Chun Jungmyung, an actor known for his intense energy and enthusiasm, makes his appearance as a forensic investigator. Starring in his most recent movie Faceless Boss, the celebrity performed the role as a police investigator or prosecutor in several of his previous works such as Reset and Life Risking Romance. His keen eye for detail works as a special attribute in helping him find the smallest marks that seem somewhat important. Hardworking in all aspects in his job, Chun Jungmyung is definitely a rising star in the world of crime investigation.


Jo Jaeyoon has had more experience in acting in the field of investigation more than his fellow teammate Chun Jungmyung. Recently, he played as a police chief in the drama Save Me 2; however, he has a whole history of taking on the role of an investigator in five different movies and two dramas. MBC Every1 gives us a brief overview on the actor’s character on his profile; although his most famous works have starred him as an antagonist or gang member, his personality radiates positivity. The clear contrast from his dark disposition when acting and his friendly image focuses on his affectionate nature, giving off a cordial vibe to the viewers.


Familiar to the public’s eye with his appearance as Lee Junggwon in The Fiery Priest, Kim Minjae was featured in most of his works as an investigator or police. Due to his numerous roles being based off of members in a police force, his image reflects that of a professional police actor. However, it is important to know that unlike his impression set by the public, the actor works his way around the crime scenes with extra caution, a good indicator of his attentive personality.


With 5urpsise’s Lee Taehwan, the cast of Urban Cops: KCSI is now complete. Playing the role of an investigator in MBC’s drama Pride and Prejudice, the star has slightly experienced the world of investigation. Although he is the youngest member, his mature and mindful character helps the audience engage into the show. Serving his part in the police as an attentive and hardworking team member, Lee Taehwan still finds a way to brighten the atmosphere with his lively and energetic nature.

Although not professionals, the four actors sufficiently play their roles in helping out the forensics investigation team with their passion and spirit of enthusiasm. By experiencing the struggles and learning life lessons under the pressuring circumstances, the cast of Urban Cops: KCSI is able to grow by overcoming the hardships presented during their time as crime scene investigators as they embrace new emotions and knowledge that allow them to improve their performances as actors.

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