All in Review

ROTATE: Jung Jinwoo Proves He Has Everything

Planetarium Records is really out here proving their artists have more talent in their pinkies than some of the biggest artists out there. After JUNE’s autumnal release a few weeks ago, singer Jung Jinwoo has dropped his first full-length album ROTATE, stacked with 13 tracks that properly demonstrate his vocal color and creative touch.

GOT7 Treats Fans with Present: YOU

GOT7 is back with another album this year for fans to groove and dance along to. This particular album is such a special treat as this is the first time that GOT7 has included solo tracks by each member. Present: YOU consists a total of 15 tracks along with the instrumental of their title, “Lullaby.”

PENTAGON’s New Album Got Your Thumbs Up!

With the group’s temporary reorganization leaving inevitable feelings of emptiness, PENTAGON returned after five months with a playful concept. Succeeding “Shine (빛나리),” one of 2018’s most viral songs, “Naughty Boy” challenges the former to its title as PENTAGON’s catchiest track.